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How to Integrate Lifestyle Content Into Your Marketing Strategy for Financial Advisors

When you hear people talk about lifestyle content, what exactly do they mean by that? Well, it’s essentially the overall interests of your buyer’s outside of your product or brand. Find out what they like to do in their free time, outside of work, and what they most enjoy.

Why is this important when it comes to your overall marketing strategy, namely your social media strategy? Well, it will help you to connect more with your buyer and your audience by sparking interest, which will, in turn, boost your SEO rankings. So, how do you go about integrating this lifestyle content into your marketing strategy?

Integrate Leisure Content into your Social Media Strategy

There are many ways to do this in order to still come off as professional, but also tap into a different side of your audience. Let’s face it, you work hard so that you can relax and enjoy your time, as well. You’ve probably already started earning a steady following of loyal customers and clients, but as a financial advisor always looking to grow your firm and generate more leads, it’s a good idea to dive into a different side of your audience.

Why Should You Do This?

There are many reasons why you should switch up your marketing strategy, as financial advisors are no longer seen as cookie-cutter, or just working with your finances to make your retirement enjoyable. Financial advisors are in it for the long haul, working hard to know what works best for you and your family, and going beyond to finances to ensure that you enjoy a full life by managing your money tactfully.

It Will Give Your Brand a Boost

Many times, when starting a marketing strategy, you get a lot of new social followers and clients in the beginning, but then something happens…you start to plateau and it’s harder to drive traffic using the same tactics. That’s where integrating the lifestyle content comes into play!

Ways To Do This?

What are some ways to integrate this?

Appeal to your Audiences’Personality

You obviously want to know your audience inside and out, so you can figure out what makes them tick. People pay more attention to something that they are interested in, which will make them more likely to remember what they saw, making them more likely to want to find out more about your firm.

Tap Into Peoples’Emotions

Emotions are a big driving force when it comes to connecting with your audience. What are some ways to tap into the emotions of your audience?

  • You can post things that get the adrenaline going, such as an adventurous lifestyle
  • During holidays, it’s common to post content about family and friends that really tugs are your heartstrings
  • Any fun announcements about what is going on personally with your team

Medicus Wealth Planning

In the above post from Twenty Over Ten client, Medicus Wealth Planning shares an exciting post on their Facebook wall about David K. Luke, CMP™, Founder & Chairman, as they announce that his daughter-in-law becomes a U.S. Citizen. This type of post can really bring about feelings and emotions, as this demonstrates hard work and going through the process to become a citizen.

Find Out What’s Going On In the World?

Is there something going on this month that you can tie back to your firm’s content? Maybe you do a lot of financial planning with clients looking to pay for their children’s’ college, so August may be a great month to tie some social posts back to families that are sending their children off to college. There is always something going on, so it’s important to constantly be looking for something more.

Life Strategy Financial

In the above image, Twenty Over Ten client, Life Strategy Financial shares third-party content about “12 Must-Have Items for Your Home Emergency Kit.” While this doesn’t directly relate to your financial planning, it’s very useful to know especially as hurricane season is preparing, also, it’s important to prepare financially for a disaster, as well.

What Are Some Related Interests for your Target Audience?

What is your audience into? Do you share a common interest in sports? Maybe you are both animal lovers. Whatever it may be, tap into that and see the type of response that you get from your followers. Use hashtags for the related interests so that you become more visible to others online.

Dunleavy Wealth Management

Twenty Over Ten client, Dunleavy Wealth Management does a great job of updating their Facebook posts. In the above image, they post an article about golf and how you can improve your game, which may speak to many of their followers, therefore, making them more relatable.

What Do Your Followers Do For Fun?

Work hard, play hard is the slogan for many people. When you need to unwind, what are some ways that your target audience may do this? Maybe they like to travel? Enjoy some fine dining and wine, whatever it may be, be sure to dive into that and post about these types of topics to pique their interest.

Dunleavy Wealth Management

In another lifestyle post from Dunleavy Wealth Management, they discuss women and traveling and why more go solo as opposed to men. This is an interesting read and if your target audience is women and their finances, then this is a great way to connect.

Tap Into Common Experiences of your Audience

As an advisor, it’s so important that you connect with your audience and “humanize” your brand. If you can share common “pain points” or experiences that current clients are ever the advisors are going through, then you can start a thread on social media, where others can share common experiences. It’s all about connecting and relating, showing that you are all in this together.

Are You Involved in your Community?

Showing that you care about others and bettering the community around you is a great way to grow your audience and relate to others.

  • Are there local charities you are involved with or want to become involved?
  • What local events are happening? Find out how you can be a part of them, and use the hashtag to become more visible.

INPAC Wealth Solutions

In the above post from INPAC Wealth Solutions, they did a Facebook post about a golf tournament they did to support the Aloha United Way. This type of post shows community involvement, and it looks like they really enjoyed themselves, which is even better.

There are so many possibilities when it comes to community involvement, it’s important to search and find out what other local businesses are doing and reach out if you are not already involved. If your team helped out with a local 5K for charity over the weekend, be sure to share that on social media with the appropriate hashtags. It’s great to show that your firm definitely goes beyond just work, but cares about helping others, as well.

Use Humor in Some of your Posts

As a financial advisor, it’s often “all business,” which is why integrating humor every once in a while is a fun way to show your true side and make your clients and audience feel more at ease when working with you.

Dan Johnson Twitter

In the above image, Twenty Over Ten client, Dan Johnson, CFP® of Forward Thinking Wealth Management, often integrates humor into his social posts. It shows more of a personal side and really makes his social followers feel as if they really know his true side outside of work.

Bringing Lifestyle Content to Your Strategy

We hope that this has helped you bring to life some ideas for creating an even stronger marketing strategy. In this ever-changing digital era, it’s so important that you bring new ideas to the table that will allow your firm to stand out from the competition. When you tap into something that your target audience really enjoys, it’s much easier to draw them in for longer periods, boost those SEO rankings and start the progression down the sales funnel.

This is why we are so excited to bring you Lead Pilot! It comes preloaded with highly engaging lifestyle content that you can use as-is, OR customize to your audience and niche. The lifestyle pieces are both editorial in nature, as well as, contain more dynamic content such as videos and infographics to really boost your SEO game.

Lead Pilot

Lastly, want to know what’s even easier? You can filter by topic or by content type, so you can filter and see ONLY lifestyle pieces if that’s what you want.

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