How To Implement Lead Pilot’s Lead Scoring To Get The Most Qualified Leads

Lead generation is hard, we get it. However, lead gen is such an important part of your advisory business, and it’s important that you have the right tools and skills to turn visitors into customers. Our Lead Pilot has a one-of-a-kind lead scoring tool that will

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What Is Lead Scoring?

Lead scoring is a way to quantify your leads based on their history to determine which leads are more likely to become customers. Lead scoring looks at the activities of your prospects to see which ones are the most valuable to your company. The lead score can inform you where each prospect is in the buyer journey to help you segment your leads and funnel out the uninterested people. This information can give plenty of insight such as who you should contact and what type of information you should talk about.

Lead scoring is a process, and it does work.

68% of highly effective and efficient marketers pointed to lead scoring as a top revenue contributor.

Why Is Lead Scoring Important

There’s always going to be good leads and bad leads. The key is to differentiate between the two and find the most qualified ones. Many people visit your site, download your content, read your blogs, sign up for your newsletters and/or emails, etc, all of which show that the person is interested. However, some behaviors are more promising than others. You don’t want to waste your time, money, and resources going after leads that aren’t really interested. Not only is lead scoring beneficial for you, but it is also beneficial to the prospect because they don’t want unnecessary calls from your business.

Lead Pilot’s Lead Scoring Tool

Lucky for you, you can sit back, relax and let Lead Pilot do the work for you. Lead Pilot has a built-in lead scoring tool that generates a score between 1-100 in real time. Its simple – the higher the score, the more qualified the lead. The algorithms allow you, as an advisor, to track the engagement level for every lead. The algorithms take into account the contact’s engagement with your content, other actions, time, and other factors to create a score.

Furthermore, the LEAD score isn’t just a score generated by AI. It is tailored specifically to you based on your input. In Lead Pilot, you can manually assign star ratings to your leads, and Lead Pilot takes that feedback along with the algorithm to create the ratings.

With LEAD scores, you can grow your business and focus on the prospects that really matter. In addition, LEAD Scores change in real time so you can act quickly to reach out and close deals when a contact’s engagement is at its peak. To assign your own ratings and view the LEAD score, simply visit the “contacts” page within Lead Pilot.



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