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How To Hit $100 Million in AUM While Growing a Podcast to 1 Million Downloads in 2 Years

In today’s weekly video, Samantha Russell, Chief Evangelist for Twenty Over Ten and FMG Suite sits down with Benjamin Brandt CFP, RICP & Host of Retirement Starts Today Podcast to talk about how he hit $100 million in AUM all while growing his podcast series to one million downloads in just two years.

Fundamental Topics

Intro To Podcasting

  • First off, I just have to say congratulations! Just last week you shared on Twitter. So I have to ask – what made you get started with podcasting in the first place, and how long did it take before you started seeing a return on investment?

Remote Work

  • Your based in Bismark, ND, but market your services across the country, and have a whole section on your website about the benefits of working with an advisor remotely. Was this a strategy you always used, or did you adopt it during the pandemic?
  • Your firm, Capital City Wealth Management, is a fee-only retirement planning service focused exclusively on retirement income. Did you always have that specific niche, from the outset?

Milestones, 200th Episode

  • You just released your 200th episode of Retirement Starts Today Radio. And you said at the intro of that milestone episode that “this is the hobby you have stuck with the longest”. Why do you think that is? Did you do anything at the outset when starting this to set yourself up for success, to force yourself to stick with it?

Content Creation

  • I often find that the content people most engage with, or the pieces that go viral/get the most feedback, are surprising to the creators – have you found that to be true?
    • What are the most popular episodes you’ve released? (Topic/Speaker?)
    • What episode(s) did you think would be a hit but wasn’t?
  • How do you come up with your topics for each episode?

Marketing Strategies

  • How do you convert people from listening to the episode/podcast, to actually visiting your website/taking some action?

  • A common phrase in marketing is that “creating the content is just 20% of the equation. The other 80% is how you promote and market that content”. Do you find that to be true? What marketing strategies have you used to get people to find and listen to your podcast
    • Social media?
    • Email?
    • Influencers?
    • SEO tactics?
    • Paid Ads?
  • When preparing for this interview, I went through your podcast archive and found that in your earlier episodes, on the podcast episode webpage you simply summarized in just a paragraph or two what the episode was about. But now, 200 episodes in, the webpages you have for each podcast are MUCH more robust. You have headers to break up the text, links to resources you mention, timestamps, etc. What prompted this change? Have you noticed any different organic results from it?

Time Management

  • How has the podcast changed from episode 1 to episode 200? What do you do differently now that you didn’t when you first got started?
  • How much of your time does the podcast take up each week/month? Everything from:
    • Researching episodes
    • Finding/prepping guests 
    • Creating promo materials 
    • Actually promoting it 

Equipment/Gear List

  • What tools are integral to running your podcast?
    • Tech you use (when recording solo vs. interviewing a guest) 
    • Mic
    • Editing
    • Intro music
    • Thumbnails for marketing
    • Other tools to help promo it

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