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How to Create the Best Client Communications

In today’s digital world, there is an abundance of content available to clients at all times. So, as a financial advisor, how do you communicate with your clients and share your content with them so that you stand out from the rest?

Communication is essential as a financial advisor. If people are going to trust you to help them with their finances, they need to feel that they can easily communicate with you. So, how do you that all while keeping their interest in you?

The solution: provide value to your clients and keep their attention with a consistent specific message that resonates with your target audience.

Three Key Ways to Create the Best Client Communications

1. Utilize CRM Tools

As a financial advisor, using a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software is a vital part of the success of your business.  Not only does it make your life easier, but it makes your business more efficient by strengthening your connections with clients by providing personal and accessible service.

With the Lead Pilot platform, integrating your CRM tool with your Lead Pilot account is effortless. Here are the instructions to connect your CRM with Lead Pilot so that you don’t have to manually add in your contact lists and other important information:

1. Hover over your user icon and select “Settings” from the dropdown menu:

2. Click “Manage Integrations”:

3. Click “Configure” beneath Redtail:

4. Click “Connect” and then enter in your login information:

5. Toggle “Add New Leads” on to have your landing page subscribe form send new contacts to your Redtail in addition to Lead Pilot:

6. Toggle “Auto-import” on to have new Redtail contacts added to Lead Pilot daily:

2. Focus on Curated Content

Creating content that is specifically meant for your niche audience is critical. Your clients want content that is valuable to them that connects to what they are going through in their lives. So, make sure you focus on generating customized content that is educational and answers their questions, but content that is also interesting so that they want to read more. The secret to this is to focus your content on subjects that interests your niche audience. If you work on creating content that is customized for your niche audience, they will feel comfortable talking to you about those certain subjects.

For example, in the example below Lead Pilot user, Digital Wealth shares an article on money management for millennials. It’s important to share content that your readers will actually want to read.

3. Track Your Analytics

The best way to make sure your client communications are working well for your financial advising business is to diligently track them and analyze them. This helps you see what you are doing well, as well as show you where you can improve. Lead Pilot’s Insights tool gives users the best sense of how their content has been performing and how many leads have come from their landing pages.

Below shows you an inside look at Lead Pilot’s Insights Page:

1. The first analytic that appears in your Insights is “Landing Page Impressions.” 

This shows the number of times a person opened and viewed your landing pages as a result of clicking on a post shared on one of your social networks:

In the above example, we can see that posts on LinkedIn sent 5 people to my landing pages, while Facebook and Twitter posts sent 22 and 25 people.

2. The next analytic in your Insights is “Lead Generation.”

This shows how many landing page visitors filled out your subscribe form and became leads. The numbers again correspond to your social networks:

In the above example, we can see 2 leads came via landing pages shared on Twitter.

3. The last bit of analytics in your Insights is “Email Engagement.”

This shows how many individual emails you’ve sent to subscribers, how many times subscribers opened your emails, and how many of those subscribers clicked in an email to view your landing pages:



Your client communications are vital to the success of your financial advising business. Without effective communication, your business will struggle. Implementing these three quick and easy tips is a surefire way to enhance your client communication and increase lead generation for your business.

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