Financial Advisor Landing Page Roundup: 7 of Our Favorite Examples

Landing pages are great for generating leads and driving more traffic to your advisor website, as they allow for you to create specific and individualized messages for target groups and niches. You only have 8 seconds to make an impression on a landing page.

They allow for you to make your message ultra-specific with one headline, one unique selling proposition, and one call to action. When the message is targeted for a specific niche, it increases the effectiveness of the landing page’s lead generation.

As you can see, they are necessary for any successful inbound marketing strategy. As a financial advisor, if you do not have a landing page, then you won’t be able to capture any qualified information about your website visitors, which makes it so hard to create leads that you will ultimately be able to convert into leads.

Now that you know a bit more about landing pages, we wanted to showcase our 7 favorite landing pages examples from some of our clients.

Our 7 Favorite Landing Page Examples

What makes these landing pages so great? Read on to find out more about why we love these landing pages and how they generate leads through their website.

1. Opulus

Twenty Over Ten client, Opulus, does a great job of utilizing landing pages in order to capture more leads for clients. They have incorporated strong social content and have original content, which includes video, as well. It complements well with what they have shared on Lead Pilot, and they have also utilized Instagram, which puts them ahead of the game as many financial advisors do not use this platform. 

Opulus Landing Page

Including social media icons on landing pages makes it so much easier to locate these pages as clicking on them takes visitors directly to the platforms. As we have mentioned many times before, people are busy and taking the time to fumble around through other pages and type things into the search engine bars is not efficient but rather time-consuming. With one single click. leads are taken to the LinkedIn and Instagram pages of Opulus so that they can further explore the firm. 

2. Tapparo Capital Management

Tapparo Capital Management’s landing page shares a poignant quote at the start of the blog on retirement that really gets readers thinking about what’s next in retirement. 

You may delay, but time will not, and lost time is never found again.
-Benjamin Franklin

Tapparo Capital Management

When they start off with a quote like that, it’s easy to see that this firm is getting straight to the point about retirement. Even if you are still a pre-retiree and it seems so far away, the title of, ” 6 Common Pre-Retirement Mistakes that Cost Dearly,” should make you want to read it and found out more. As the readers scan the blog, they can easily see Andrew Tapparo’s headshot with the social media icons below followed by the CTA, “Get More Info.” We love that he has also utilized Instagram, which is constantly growing in popularity, so it’s a platform to really explore as a financial advisor. When readers click on the CTA, then this pops up, where leads simply have to fill in their name, address and phone number. This is simple enough for the firm to capture email addresses to begin to nurture the leads, but they will also be receiving personal finance tips. So, it’s a “win-win” situation for both parties.

3. Hoskins Wealth Management

Hoskins Wealth Management does an excellent job on their landing page with a strong infographic as seen below that has engaged comments section and the option to subscribe, which will then quickly direct readers to lead capture.  

Lead Pilot landing pages hoskins wealth

Infographics are an easy way to list out helpful tips and information quickly so that visitors don’t have to pore through an entire blog post if they are pressed for time. The infographic for 529 plans is great because these are questions that many families have as they start to think about sending their children to college and the costs of it all.

Scott Hoskins Retirement blog lead capture

In addition to an infographic, Scott Hoskins also has a helpful blog entitled the “4 Most Common Money Mistakes for Pre-Retirees.” Readers can easily hit the “Subscribe” CTA right next to the title, so they can enter their information to find out more, which makes for a smooth and simple transition to gather the information of leads.

5. MLS Financial Planning

You know how much we love when advisors incorporate video into their website and landing pages and Founder of MLS Financial Planning, Maury Schneider, CPA, MBA, CFP®, does just that.

Lead Pilot MLS Financial Planning

As you can see in the above image, for the blog entitled, “Is Technology Important in Achieving Your Financial Goals?” rather than writing a long blog, there are a couple of short paragraphs with a quick video. Video is a great way to change things up as it’s definitely a way of the future. More than 1 billion unique users visit YouTube each month, so as you can see, utilizing it on your website is a great way to display your information.

Additionally, there is a CTA to the MLS Financial planning website to the right plus the social icons, making this landing page very efficient.

6. Key Wealth Partners, LLC

David G. Niggel, CFP® utilizes the Lead Pilot landing pages with several of the blog articles. In the one below, “Finances: The No. 1 Reason Americans Are More Anxious Than Ever Before,” there is the option to subscribe right next to the title making it quick and easy for leads. 

David Niggel landing pages

To the right, his headshot is shown along with a strong biography underneath with the three social icons for LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. As we have mentioned before, it’s so much easier when advisors include the icons to take people directly to the social platforms, and he has done just that.

7. WealthPLAN Partners

This landing page for WealthPLAN Partners as it’s simple, asks a question and gets readers wanting to find more. Additionally, with several calls to action that stand out on the page, it’s hard to miss one! 

Landing Page Lead Pilot

When you reach this landing page, it’s immediately intriguing as many people have a hard time budgeting appropriately and deciding how much money they need to put aside in savings. With the title of the blog, “What is the 50/20/30 Budget Rule? Plus, How to Make it Work For You?,” it should get you thinking about how you can relate this to your life. If you like what you see, then you can easily hit “Subscribe” CTA above the blog’s main image or “Visit Our Website” to find out more about WealthPLAN Partners.

Wrapping It All Up
If your website is lacking a strong landing page, then it has got some work to do. These parts of your website are crucial to capturing leads that you ultimately want to convert to clients. We hope that this has helped you get some ideas for your own advisor websites when it comes to the importance of creating landing pages and their importance to the overall success of your site.

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