Feature Friday: September 6, 2019

Even though Fall isn’t officially here for a couple more weeks, we can already tell there’s a crisp in the air and people are getting into the swing of things from back to school and football season kicking off! Before you say goodbye to the first week of September, take some time to check out these awesome articles with topics on social media success, connecting with clients and marketing tools.

1. The Key Considerations for Social Media Success in 2019 [Infographic] via Social Media Today

Integrating a social media plan into your marketing strategy has become an integral part of a successful business, but how do you ensure that you are getting it right? From things, such as, which platform you should be on to who you should be working to reach? There are so many things to keep in mind when you are trying to make your social strategy as strong as possible.

The infographic below should shed some light on how to ensure you are getting the most out of your social media strategy and finding what works for your firm.

Key Considerations for Social Media Success


2. #FASuccess Ep. 139: Plugging In For Large Firm Support To Refocus Your Time On Clients Instead, with Michele Clark via Nerd’s Eye View

Today on the podcast, Michele Clark, senior portfolio manager for Acropolis Investment Management joined Michael Kitces to discuss running her own financial planning practice and how to decided to “plugin” to a larger firm so that she could focus more on connecting with and serving her clients.

You’ll hear tips on how to stay lean when starting an advisory firm, the importance of developing expertise or niche so that you can attract clients no matter where they are, and the challenges of growth in the early years of starting out on your own, even when you’re experienced in business development.

For more details on how to focus more on clients, check out the full article and podcast.

MIchael Kitces podcast

3. Best Free Marketing Tools for Financial Advisors via Three Crowns Marketing

Marketing tools are extremely helpful when it comes to working as a financial advisor to develop a strong strategy. There are many out there to use, but some even better news is that there are plenty of great FREE ones! It can be expensive running a business, so if you can find ways to cut costs, while still working effectively, that’s great. Check out these awesome, free marketing tools for financial advisors.

To find out more about these very useful free marketing tools, read the entire article.

Three Crowns Marketing

4. The Beginning of the COI Dance (Distraction-Proof Advisor Idea Video #156) via Paul Kingsman

Paul Kingsman recently spoke about the importance of making your introductions memorable and following up with contacts. Here’s how to follow up with centers of influence to maximize your connections with them.

  1. Let them experience the helpful content you provide to prospects by bundling some information for them to sample.
  2. Personally drop off the sample information to your target COIs, with handwritten explanatory notes.
  3. Ask the COIs you connect with if they have a financial advisor they already refer their clients to.

For more details on this, check out the entire podcast.

Paul Kingsman

5. Refurbishing Top Content-Best of Whiteboard Friday via Moz

You have created plenty of content for your website that performed really well and drove a lot of traffic to your website, but that may have been a while ago. So, what do you do when content gets lost in the mix and isn’t really contributing to your site anymore? You hate to leave it just sitting there since it performed so well in the past! So, what do you do?

Check out these three simple steps for optimizing and refurbishing your top content so that your work can continue to generate leads to your advisor website.

Refurbishing top content