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Feature Friday: September 4, 2020

Wow! It’s the first Feature Friday of the month, and we hope that September got off to a strong start for you. Many parents have been scrambling to get their kids back to school whether it be in the classroom or distance learning, so as you settle back into as much of a “routine” as you can, we thought that these articles could help make your life just a little bit easier when it comes to boosting your business and marketing efforts.

1. Which Type of Ad Campaign Makes the Most Sense for Your Firm’s Goals? via Three Crowns Marketing

Success advertising comes about when you have a goal in mind, and in order to establish realistic goals, it’s important that you first understand where you are. When you want to start an ad campaign, you can break down the campaign into three stages that are defined by their goals, and they are:

  1. Awareness
  2. Retargeting
  3. Lead Generation

How can you tell which stage is right for your firm? This article can help you to figure out the route that you should take.

Marketing Funnel on Three Crowns Marketing

2. 9 Reasons to Call Your Client Right Now via ThinkAdvisor

The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed the way people communicate, so it’s important that you are keeping up with your clients during these unprecedented times. It’s crucial that you are keeping up and here are nine reasons to call them.

  1. Tell them the reason for your call
  2. Check-in and see if the pandemic has affected anyone in their social or familial circle
  3. Ask what the plans are for their children’s school year
  4. Ask if they had any trips this summer
  5. Ask their thoughts on indoor dining or if they had been to a restaurant
  6. Find out if they know of anyone who still had a wedding or a graduation party
  7. Do they know about the nationwide coin shortage?
  8. Ask if they are getting used to wearing a mask
  9. Find out if they are working from home or back in the office

These are all great conversation starters, and it shows that you really care about your clients and what is going on with their lives. It adds an element to the personal touch that we say is so important, and you can find out more by reading the entire article.

Why to call your clients right now

3. The Four Challenges Financial Advisors Face In the New Digital Environment via

The last six months have changed how people do business, and advisors are facing even more challenges when it comes to how they communicate with prospects and clients. Here are four that advisors have been facing.

Challenge #1: Staying at the top of your client’s minds when they are facing their own crisis during the pandemic
Challenge #2: Trying to generate new leads when in-person events are no longer happening
Challenge #3: Running your business from your home
Challenge #4: Managing your staff that also works at home

For more detail about each challenge and how to better handle them, check out the entire article.


4. Ten Finance Movies Every Advisor Should Watch via

Movies are obviously great for entertainment, and nothing has rung more true than during the pandemic. However, what if you could learn financial lessons as an advisor? Here are ten movies that every financial advisor should watch.

  1. Arbitrage
  2. Bad Banks
  3. The Big Short
  4. Boiler Room
  5. Margin Call
  6. Moneyball
  7. Other People’s Money
  8. Rogue Trader
  9. Wall Street
  10. The Wolf of Wall Street

So, kick back, relax and enjoy the above movies while learning something too!

Wealth Management

5. Title Tags SEO: When to Include Your Brand and/or Boilerplate via Moz

If your website is like many others, then they usually include a lot of extra things, some of which include title tags. There are different studies to show if you should include them in your site, and we know that certain title lengths perform stronger than others. So, when should you include your brand and a boilerplate? There are different instances, so read on to find out more and which will help you to boost your online presence.

Title Tags SEO

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