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Feature Friday: September 3, 2021

It’s hard to believe it’s the first Feature Friday of September! Fall is less than three weeks away, but things aren’t cooling off quite yet! From the number one reason that your social media strategy isn’t working to finding solutions to your biggest marketing challenges, be sure to give this article a read.

1. The Number One Reason Social Media Doesn’t Work for Most Financial Advisors via Advisorpedia

Many financial advisors find themselves spending a lot of time on social media, but they aren’t getting the types of results that they want. So, how can you fix this? Chief Evangelist for FMG Suite and Twenty Over Ten, Samantha Russell, offers up simple advice in the video below. And the key is make sure you are engaging with your audience. Find out more by checking out the short video.


2. Don’t ask clients for ideas. Do this instead. via The Client Driven Practice

How do you discover how to improve your services? You keep in touch with your clients, so it seems natural to ask them for ideas. However, this doesn’t always work as many of them don’t know how to answer this. A more reliable way to discover how to add value is to come up with a list of ideas and have a structured conversation in order to critique them.

Putting a concrete idea in front of them gives them something to work with, making for a more productive meeting. Check out the full article to find out more on how to add value to your client meetings.

The Client Driven Practice

3. 315. Podcasting: The Solution to Advisors’ 7 Biggest Marketing Challenges via ProudMouth

Marketing is a huge part of your strategy as a financial advisor, but like many things, there are going to be challenges. Tune in to this episode to learn what the seven biggest marketing challenges are and how they can be solved by podcasting. Give it a listen!

Proud Mouth podcast


4. Are You Willing to Fail? via Three Crowns Marketing

Investing in anything means that you have to be willing to fail. What if you treated your marketing in the same way? If your marketing doesn’t work immediately, then why do many feel as though they should shut down their marketing efforts if it doesn’t work right away. To see results, it takes time. 

If you’re going to get good at marketing, you have to get comfortable with the fact that some, maybe even most, of your “good ideas” could fail.

There are a lot of best practices for marketing, and to find out how to best utilize yours, check out this blog.

Three Crowns Marketing

5. Inspiration as a Client Engagement Strategy via Absolute Engagement

Inspiring clients is actually an effective engagement strategy, and research suggests that inspiration propels people to take action to reach their goals but is also tied to other positive outcomes, such as well-being.

When you inspire clients you do the following two things:

  • Create loyalty and engagement
  • Help them reach their goals

Want to find out more? Check out the full article.

Absolute Engagement


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