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Feature Friday: September 11, 2020

Today’s Feature Friday is all about the financial advisor and how you can practice more ethical marketing tactics as an advisor, best practices for referring a client to another advisor, how to attract HNW clients while still assisting underserved communities and so much more. We hope that you can find some tidbits in here that can help you in your practices.

1. Ethical Marketing for Financial Advisors via Three Crowns Marketing

When it comes to marketing, what does it mean to be an ethical advisor? There may be some tactics out there, that while they are utilized by some, it’s not exactly communications and turns more into manipulation. If you want to listen to this week’s podcast, about how to “be more human” when communicating with others, then give it a listen!

Three Crowns Marketing

2. No Client Loves This, But Do It Anyway (Distraction-Proof Advisor Idea Video #208) via Paul Kingsman

You want to continue working with your clients, but sometimes if your firm is growing, you may need to transition your clients to another financial advisor. There may be other reasons that this happens, and while it’s not ideal most of the time, it sometimes has to happen, and there are ways to go about doing this.

  • Write a clearly-written letter that explains the changes in your business.
  • Get your letter double checked and get feedback
  • Finalize the letter and mail it to your clients.

If you are about to go through this situation and need some advice, check out the entire video from Paul Kingsman.

Paul Kingsman

3. Episode 255-How to Work With Underserved Communities and Still Attract High-Net-Worth Clients-With Adri Miller-Heckman via Top Advisor Marketing

Do you want to help groups of people that are underserved while still attracting high-net-worth clients? It can be done! Adri Miller-Heckman discusses how she rebranded into FemXAdvisor and how she helps women and empowers them in the industry. She also gets into how advisors can work with underserved people with low assets and still make money while still attracting HNW clients.

Check out the podcast and learn how advisors can help people who are in need while still attracting other clients!

Top Advisor Marketing

4. How to Create 10x Content-Best of Whiteboard Friday via Moz

Content is king, so creating strong content consistently is key. However, have you ever tried to create ten times the amount of content? The 5 steps to doing this are:

  1. Gain deep insight
  2. Be unique
  3. Find methods to uncover an answer
  4. Find a unique and powerful way to present the content
  5. Understand that you will probably do this 5 to 10 times before you get a hit

Check out the entire article for best practices on how to do this.

how to create more content

5. Standing Out Among Advisors via

In an industry as saturated as the financial industry, how do you stand out amongst your competitors? There are three key trends that are shaping the financial services industry, and in this podcast, you will learn:

  • How to navigate in the fiduciary environment.
  • Ideas for maximizing human capital
  • How to have an exceptional client experience

Check out the podcast for more detail!


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