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Feature Friday: October 16, 2020

The air is crisp and it’s the end of another successful week. Settle in with a coffee and check out our Five Little Things article full of useful articles on the importance of building a strong online presence, how to utilize your social media platforms, boosting your marketing strategy, and much more.

1. Why It’s Critical for Financial Advisors to Build Online Influence via

There is a significant transfer of wealth between generations right now, and this can be an extraordinary opportunity for financial advisors, or it can be catastrophic for them and it’s all a matter of trust. However, a study by the CFA Institute showed that the financial services industry is one of the least trusted industries out there.

So, as an advisor how do you change that? You can inspire trust by building an online presence, and some keys to doing this are:

  • Your website is well-design and of high quality.
  • You consistently publish content that offers guidance and insights through multiple digital channels.
  • You create blog posts, articles, whitepapers, or podcasts that show you are a thought-leader in the financial industry.
  • You engage with your followers on social media.
  • You offer objective and independent thoughts
  • You use data analytics to segment your markets and tailor your messages.

For more on each of these tips, check out the entire article.

2. What to Post (and When to Post It) to Make the Most of Your Advisor Social Media Accounts via Asset-Map

Having a strong social media strategy plays a huge role in your online presence and the overall marketing strategy of your firm. The below statistics from Broadridge Financial show just how important social is these days.

  • Almost 40% of clients follow their financial advisor on social media

  • Around 30% of clients say they relate better to advisors with social media

With that being said, if you aren’t on social media, then it’s time to change that! So, when it comes to posts, there are some topics we are going to cover, and those are:

  • Posting with video
  • Using images in your posts
  • When to post
  • How to post

For a deep-dive into each of these, check out the entire article.


3. When You Can’t Hire a CMO (S2 E5) via Potomac Fund Management

Marketing is so important when it comes to running a financial advisory business and while many firms could really benefit from a Chief Marketing Officer, it is often not in the budget. So, how can you replicate that experience without paying for a CMO?

  • Creating Content
  • Finding the right software
  • How to get involved in social media
  • Ways to stand out
  • Avoiding the big hang-ups

Check out the entire podcast for useful tips on giving your marketing strategy a boost.

Potomac Fund Management

4. Looking to Evolve Your Business? Avoid This Common Mistake via Shauna Mace

If you don’t allow yourself to fail sometimes, then how are you ever going to learn from your mistakes and progress? If you try something and don’t succeed, then you can learn from your mistakes. In the Cycle of Growth, you try something, learn and then progress.

  • When you try something, you are initiating change and professing towards a goal
  • When you learn, you are open to feedback and taking in data to make more informed future attempts
  • When you progress, you advance or move in a way that positively impacts your outcomes

For more tips on evolving in your business, Shauna Mace offers useful information to help you progress.

Avoid these common mistakes

5. FinPlan Friday: Finding the Best Clients for Your Practice via Covisum

Many advisors are finding more success when they narrow down their audience and serve a specific niche. In fact, based on a survey by TD Ameritrade, advisors that serve a specific niche had a 35% higher client growth, 25% higher revenue growth and 17% higher profit margins than practices that do not serve a niche.

Learn more about serving a niche and finding the best clients for your practice in the video.



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