Feature Friday: November 30, 2018

Can you believe tomorrow is December? ❄ Before we know it, the holiday season will fly by and it will be 2019. Before you slip into holiday mode, make sure your digital marketing, social media, and content creation strategies are all set! Here are our top tips from this week:

1. 6 Social Media Marketing Automation Tools (and How to Use Them Properly) via Social Media Today

Among all of your roles as a business owner and financial advisor, you may find it difficult to maintain your social media responsibilities. And while you should continue to regularly post original content, there are occasion when it’s acceptable to set your marketing on automation mode. In this post, Social Media Today looks at six examples of great social media marketing automation tools that you can use in addition to regularly posting content to help maximize your online performance. Here are they tools they cover:

  1. DIvrit
  2. Viral Content Bee
  3. Revive Old Posts
  4. Cyfe
  5. MyTweetAlerts
  6. Zapier

2. Overcoming the Hurdle of Client and Prospect Objections via 

You have encountered it time and time again. Clients and prospects who pushback. This tale is as old as time. Objections have been part of the sales process since the genesis of professional selling. One could probably conceivably argue that objections were even present during prehistoric times when bartering began. So, how on earth can you best handle objections with clients and prospects without frustration and negativity? The secret may be to just listen.

3. Back to Basics: How to Capitalize on Site Search Insights via Search Engine Land 

Website visitors leave many insightful data clues, so make sure to use them! Many marketers fail to capitalize on one of the most basic and valuable digital marketing tools – site search. Instead, marketers should be analyzing this data to find out how to improve their website experience and convert more visitors into leads, and more potential clients into clients. Keep reading to find out how.

4. 4 Digital Marketing Trends You’ll Want to Watch Out For in 2019 via Entrepreneur

We’re almost a month away from kissing 2018 goodbye. This is a good time to start looking back at what worked in 2018, but also a good time to look forward to what’s new for 2019. When you start planning your firm’s marketing strategy for the next year, Entrepreneur says we should keep these four trends in mind:

  1. Focusing on topic clusters
  2. Dishing out dynamic content
  3. Enlisting chatbots in customer management and sales
  4. Serving snackable VR content

5. 5 Steps to Creating a A Powerful Value Proposition via Top Advisor Marketing

Businesses that fail to quickly and clearly articulate their uniqueness and value have failed at the most simple and critical business requirements—defining why you. This would appear to be the simplest of tasks, but it’s not. And for many financial advisors, it’s holding them back. Top Advisor Marketing gives you the formula for an intriguing “why us” statement