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Feature Friday: November 27, 2020

And just like, it’s the last Feature Friday article of the month. Where did the time go? We hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and took the time to relax and enjoy the time with your family. As you dive into your leftovers, check out some of our favorite reads from the week on achieving success as a business owner, establishing trust in today’s virtual world, the next big thing in technology and building backlinks.

1. Episode 272-How To Overcome 15 “Buts” That Keep Your Business From Achieving the Next Level of Success via Top Advisor Marketing

When it comes to reaching the next level of marketing success at your firm, there are a lot of “buts” that keep advisors from doing so. If they could overcome these obstacles then not only would it give them a stronger marketing strategy, but an overall better business model. In this podcast, they discuss the top 15 “buts” that stop a lot of firms from achieving their best. Some of the things that they will discuss in this episode are:

  • Why saying “no” can create a burden for business owners
  • How to avoid outsourcing to specialists who don’t see the bigger picture
  • Why you should not let time or money hold you back
  • How to overcome the fear of failure
  • Why you should fix flaws even if that means starting over
  • Why you can save money with outsourcing

Find out more about how to achieve success, give the podcast a listen.

Top Advisor Marketing

2. 6 Ways Financial Advisors Can Establish Trust in Today’s Virtual World via

You may have all the new technology and marketing skills at your firm, but if people don’t trust you, then that doesn’t mean a thing. While social distancing has become the new normal, it’s been harder for advisors to gain that trust that comes from meeting in-person. So, how can financial advisors establish trust in today’s virtual world? Here are 6 ways:

  1. Showcase your personality through your social media platforms
  2. Present yourself as a coach and a teacher rather than a salesperson
  3. Even if a prospect doesn’t end up going with your services, ensure that they come out better than before meeting with you
  4. Keep your promises
  5. Personalize everything
  6. Invest in “thank you” cards

For a deep dive into each of these topics, continue reading the article.

3. Big Ticks: The Best Stories For Professional Advisers This Week via Tony Vidler

Tony Vidler helps financial advisors and businesses to build more profitable businesses, so we were thrilled that our article “7 Signs Your Financial Planning Website Is Outdated” was included in his weekly roundup. The world has become increasingly virtual, so in order for your business to succeed, it’s crucial that you have a strong online presence to boost your traffic, leads and clients.

To check out our article along with several other amazing business and content creators, check out the entire article!

Tony Vidler roundup

4. Fintech: The Next Generation via

Technology is so important when it comes to growing your firm and boosting the next generation, and while integrations used to be the “next big thing,” it’s now become the “all-in-one solution.” So, what does this mean for your advisory firm? Continue reading to find out.

Fintech: The Next Generation

5. How to Get Backlinks In 2021 [Series Part 2: Prospecting]-Whiteboard Friday via Moz

When trying to gain more backlinks, think about what your business goals are. Is your link building path going to help you reach your goals? So, when trying to gain links think about what has worked well in the past and what industries or businesses that you worked with to get these. Ways to do this are:

  1. Explore competitive backlinks
  2. Make sure of advanced search operators
  3. Evaluate the links and see what they have linked to themselves in the past
  4. Find fun hacks
  5. Figure out where the content gaps are

Find out more in the blog and video!

Moz blog-getting backlinks



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