Feature Friday: May 31, 2019

It’s the last Friday of May, and though it hasn’t officially started, summer feels like it is in full swing! We hope that you’re ready to soak up the sun this weekend, but before you do, let’s end the week with some of our favorite reads on content marketing, social media and client/advisor relationships.

1. Episode 167-Worthwhile Content with Erica Gellerman via Top Advisor Marketing

On today’s podcast from Top Advisor Marketing, Matt Halloran and Erica Gellerman will be discussing how powerful it is when you create awesome content. Since she is an expert in writing for the financial industry, Erica will be sharing some of her insight into the value of great content and the various ways that you can best do this.

If you are trying to do more with your content marketing and create powerful work for your advisor website, then check out the podcast below!

Top Advisor Marketing

2. ICYMI: Assessing, Designing and Improving the Client Experience via SEI

As a financial advisor, you are always looking for ways to gain new clients, and then once you have them, how do you ensure that they stick with you for the long haul? It’s all about figuring out the client experience and how to make it better for them! In the blog post, check out these 3 awesome articles to help assess, design and improve the overall client experience!

Read the full story below that includes the helpful articles so that you can improve your client’s experience as an advisor!

SEI blogs

3. Social Media Basics: The Correct Image Sizes, Dimensions and Files Types to Use [Infographic] via Social Media Today

Are you looking for ways to optimize your social media presence? One way to do this is by using the correct image sizes and dimensions!

The infographic below provides an essential overview of the latest information that you need to include for all the major platforms, including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Check out the handy infographic below to help you out!

Social Media Today

4. The 13 Most Popular Types of Videos on YouTube via iMPACT

YouTube is one of the most popular videos hosting platforms with almost 5 billion videos watched on the platform per day! With these types of stats, why wouldn’t you want to focus your marketing efforts there? We have the 13 most popular types of YouTube videos listed below!

  1. Product Review Videos
  2. How-To Videos
  3. Vlogs
  4. Gaming Videos
  5. Comedy/Skits
  6. Haul Videos
  7. Memes/Tags
  8. Best-Of Videos
  9. Educational Videos
  10. Unboxing Videos
  11. Q&A Videos
  12. Collection Videos
  13. Pranks

That is a lot of different types of videos! So, to find out more details about them and how you can utilize them, check out the full article!

iMPACT Youtube

5. Build connection by sharing your clients’ worries via The Client Driven Practice

When you work as a financial advisor, you probably wonder what keeps your clients up at night…what are their biggest worries? If you could figure out those particular needs, it would probably build an even better connection with them!

Many advisors talk about what they do, with prospects listening and trying to figure out if they like what the advisor is saying. What if you could discuss how well you understood the client instead? That would help to build a real connection and show the prospective clients that as an advisor, you truly care about their needs!

For additional information on how to put the clients’ needs first and grow a stronger connection, check out the full article below!

The Client Driven Practice