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Feature Friday: May 22, 2020

How is it already approaching Memorial Day? It seems that time is flying by but also slowed down. Before you kick off the long weekend, however, don’t forget to check out this week’s Feature Friday with some of our favorite reads on social media image size and link-building.

1. Social Media Image Size Guide 2020 [Infographic] via Social Media Today

Using strong images and pictures are so important when it comes to creating your social media and online presence. So, you want to make sure you are using the correct images.

If you use an image that doesn’t meet the requirements of each platform, then this can impact your brand perception. They may appear to be pixelated and low-quality, and this can make your firm seem unprofessional. As we continue on with the COVID-19 lockdown, more and more people are continuing to search online, so it’s more important to make sure you presenting yourself professionally.

The below infographic can help with image sizing.

Social Media today

2. True or False-Beware of So-Called Facts (Distraction-Proof Advisor Idea Video #192) via Paul Kingsman

Filter what industry experts claim to be fact and ask yourself if what they’re saying makes sense to you and align with your experience. Some ideas to keep in mind are:

  • Consider what the experts say with discernment and sort it into one of three categories: adopt now, a good idea for later, or not relevant for me.
  • Keep up with industry changes which affect how we all do business, such as rule and regulation changes.
  • Stay focused on how you can best help your clients achieve financial peace of mind.

For more information, check out the video from Paul Kingsman!

Paul Kingsman

3. How Financial Advisors Should Maintain Their Business During COVID-19 via Susan Danzig

We are continuing to work during these unprecedented times, and like most people, financial advisors are under a lot of stress. So, how can they maintain their business during the pandemic?

  1. Maintain client relationships
  2. Don’t disregard opportunities for growth
  3. Properly conduct referrals while social distancing

For more details for each point, check out the entire article.

Susan Danzig

4. Risk-Averse Link Building-Best of Whiteboard Friday via Moz

Link-building is very important for your firm’s SEO rankings and a way to ultimately drive traffic. So, some great ways to do it without much risk are:

  1. Never build a link that you can’t remove
  2. Remember you can’t trade anything for a link aside from user value.
  3. Use better tools and metrics

For more details on building links, check out the entire article.

Risk averse links


5. 15 Shareable Facts for Financial Advisors to Stress Patience to Clients via Covisum

Market swings and economic downturns are a normal part of investing, but it still causes an uneasy feeling amongst investors. It’s important for them to not overreact, however, as that is where the trouble can start.

The best response to a stock market plunge is avoiding drastic decisions, and patiently wait for the market to rebound.  If you’re looking for some extra support to encourage clients to stick to their strategy, these 15 charts and facts that will help keep their eyes on the long run. Check out the article to find out the best facts to share with clients.