Feature Friday: March 20, 2020

We hope that everyone is making it through the week the best that they can, staying safe and indoors. While it’s a trying time for everyone, we have to do our best to try and connect digitally and realize that while we are all isolating for a bit, we can still connect with each other in different ways. Check out some of our top reads from this week on everything from making your clients feel secure to driving results through discipline.

1. Is Your Coronavirus Bias Showing? via SEI

Is there an opportunity missed by many advisors during times of market decline and confusion? In a survey conducted by SEI, they surveyed 608 advisors, asking if their firms have a process in place to combat emotional behavior caused by market volatility, and they found out that:

  • 59% said that they do have a process in place
  • 60% report that they stress the need to stay the course from the beginning of the relationship and emphasize it throughout
  • 28% say they proactively contact all of their clients, either digitally or by phone when markets are turbulent

In reality, however, the households that they surveyed told a different story, so advisors need to be proactive in reaching out to their clients and

  • Acknowledge their fear
  • Make sure you personalize your messaging
  • Reinforce your plan
  • Be transparent

This is a rocky time, so make sure you are doing all that you can to make your clients feel secure.

Coronavirus SEI

2. 8-Step Guide to Email Marketing During a Crisis via AWeber

During a crisis, email marketing can either really help your business or hurt. It’s pertinent that you include the right information and say the right things, so how do you do this? This 8-step guide should give you the tips that you need.

  1. Act Quickly
  2. Be Compassionate and Considerate
  3. Describe the Actions that you are Taking to Deal with the Situation at Hand
  4. Do your Best to Help
  5. Make sure you Are Taking the Situation Seriously. Don’t Joke About it
  6. Don’t Take Advantage of the Situation
  7. Monitor the Crisis and Adjust Communications
  8. Show Your Audience that you Care

Coronavirus email

3. Healthy Screen Time (Distraction-Proof Idea Video #183) via Paul Kingsman

Right now is such an important time to utilize technology in order to communicate with your clients. Virtual meetings allow you to enhance communications and keep your communication and ties strong as you and your clients get through this difficult time together.

  • This is an ideal time to hold a virtual town-hall meeting to get your clients comfortable with meeting you online.
  • Provide clear, specific instructions for how to join the call.
  • Ensure the town-hall call is succinct and informative to pave the way for future virtual meetings.

Check out this short video from Paul Kingsman to find out more.

Paul Kingsman

4. The Power of Discipline in Driving Results via Susan Danzig

When people start something new, they are often very excited about it, but as time moves on, that can slowly fade. It’s important to practice discipline and stay focused on the end results. So, how do you best do this?

  1. Set Incremental Goals
  2. Celebrate the Unexpected
  3. Try not to get discouraged
  4. Change your perceptions

As you work towards something whether it’s at your business or in your personal life, focus on the end results and stay disciplined to achieve what you want.

Power in Discipline

5. 24 Must-Haves For Your Content Marketing Reporting Dashboards via Databox

If you have put together a content marketing dashboard, then it’s essential to know how well your site is performing and which content is best driving conversions. It goes deeper than just how many people have visited your website and for how long, so here are 24 must-have metrics to read on your dashboard.

  1. The average session duration
  2. How are backlinks performing?
  3. What is your bounce rate?
  4. Call throughput
  5. Conversion rates of Calls to Action
  6. What is the click-through rate?
  7. Content responsible for  most dollars spent
  8. Consumer insights
  9. Content conversion rate
  10. Dwell time
  11. Engagement rates
  12. Goal completion
  13. Guest post publishing
  14. Keyword ranking positions
  15. Lead scores
  16. Link usage
  17. Organic Landing Page sessions
  18. Page #2 search impressions
  19. Return on Investment
  20. Returning visitors
  21. Scroll depth
  22. Signup attributions
  23. Time on page
  24. Time to completion

For more details on how to read each of these, check out the entire article.