Inbound Marketing

Feature Friday: June 26, 2020

As the week winds down, we hope you are getting ready to fully sign off for the weekend. Check off those last couple of things on your to-do list, send those final emails, cross the T’s and dot the I’s, whatever you need to do to have a clear, refresh-ready mind for the weekend. We think it’ll do you some good. So, get to it. But first, read our features of the week:

1. What Are Clients Looking for Post-COVID-19? Via

It is clear that the world will never look the same post-covid. A Boston-based marketing firm focused on financial advisories conducted a nationwide survey to gain more insight on how financial advisors’ clients will change due to the pandemic. They asked questions related to: 

  1. Comfort toward attending a public event
  2. Preferences for consuming information
  3. Preferred type and tenor of messaging
  4. Most appealing trait in a brand
  5. Preferred medium to stay informed

Read the full article to see how clients in their 50s-70s responded.

2. Five Advisor Sites with Great Visual Content via Advisor Perspectives

As a company with a thriving website design component, we strongly believe in the power of visuals. Thankfully, we have statistics to back up that passion. People process visual content 60,000 times faster than text. In this recent Advisor Perspectives article, five websites made by financial advisors are showcased, to represent the difference that thoughtful visuals can make in a website’s effect on prospective clients. 

For example, helpful visuals can be shown to symbolize different clients you cater to, to show visual aids for strategy and even videos to introduce yourself to clients. Including imagery has given these five websites a leg up, you won’t regret checking them out!

3. The Marketoonist on the Importance of Humor Right Now via MarketingWeek

In the wake of coronavirus, many marketers and business professionals have taken a leave from comedy on their social media and outreach communications. It can certainly feel distasteful to make jokes or witty comments during a time that is quite heartbreaking for many. 

However, Marketing Week editor, Russell Parsons and Marketoonist Tom Fishburned spoke this week about why being serious may not be the best approach. In this broadcast they “explore why humor is particularly important in tough times, how brands can use appropriate humor without being tone-deaf and how humor can help us connect with our internal teams.”  

4. So You’ve Reassured Your Clients. Now What? Via Absolute Engagement

Many financial advisors were advised themselves, to reach out to their clients as soon as the pandemic struck. Communicate with the people who trust you the most with their finances and touch base to reassure their clients. Now, it’s time to move on. Lisa Bean, Absolute Engagement’s senior coach says you can categorize clients into two groups:

  • “One group of clients has more time on their hands then they ever have had before. This is especially true of those who are in retirement and have experienced the loss of their hobbies. That additional time to think or consume information can be detrimental to the level of stress.”
  • “The second group of clients, particularly those with young-ish children and full-time jobs, are struggling to find balance and are busier than they’ve ever been.”

Moving on from this specification Bean addresses the different questions of what mistakes advisors make when communicating with clients, how to structure a meeting based on a client’s self-confidence and where to go from here.

5. The Power of Discipline in Driving Results Via Susan Danzig

Have you ever experienced an over-enthusiastic client? One who arrives ready to work on their finances and is over-involved for the first few weeks, only to slowly lose focus of their end goal. This article claims that, “Being able to focus on the end result for months at a time is a product of more than just motivation or aspiration: It’s discipline.” The steps to building discipline are highlighted as:

  1. Set Incremental Goals
  2. Celebrate the Unexpected
  3. Don’t Get Discouraged
  4. Change Your Perceptions