Feature Friday: June 21, 2019

Not only is it Friday, but summer has officially kicked off, so what more could you ask for?! There’s a lot to celebrate, but before you head off into the weekend, check out some of our top reads on using LinkedIn to attract clients, top YouTube SEO tools and creating a content calendar. Enjoy! ☀️

1. How to Leverage LinkedIn to Attract Clients-Ben Kniffen on the Becoming Referable podcast via The Client Driven Practice

Social media is so important when it comes to attracting clients and driving more traffic to your website. Ben Kniffen, President and COO of LinkedSelling and President of The Elite Digital Group, is going to be discussing how to leverage social media platforms, specifically LinkedIn!

We discussed how to optimize your LinkedIn profile to generate traffic and using paid social media as a marketing tool. Additionally, you will learn how to form groups on LinkedIn, which will hopefully lead to an “in-person” meeting and start a relationship.

Check out the full article for more details and to have a listen to the podcast!

2. 8 of the Best YouTube SEO Tools via Social Media Today

We love video, and there’s a good reason why! It’s the best performing content on all social media platforms. If you are trying to add YouTube into your digital marketing presence, then it’s important to establish a presence. If you want to start incorporating this, then it’s important that your videos align with search trends. Let these 8 tips help with this!

  1. Find a topic with Google Trends
  2. Get keyword ideas from Google Ads
  3. Step up your keyword research with Rank Tracker
  4. Do your metadata homework with TubeBuddy
  5. Manage with VidIQ
  6. Use YouTube Analytics to check out your channel
  7. Track and grow user engagement using Awario
  8. Use Canva to mix up your visuals

Be sure that you keep these things in mind and for additional information, check out the full article!

Social Media Today

3. Tips for Creating a Content Calendar via Advisor Perspectives

Marketing Consultant, Crystal Butler, shares tips today on how to create a content calendar since it’s so important to remain consistent when creating content and maintaining a successful marketing strategy.

We get it, being a financial advisor is a very busy profession, so while you may start out keeping a schedule, it can easily be tossed aside! How do you avoid this?  Do your best to establish a schedule and stick with it!

Start by creating a financial content marketing calendar, so what are some tips to do that?

  1. Start with your existing content
  2. Identify gaps in your content
  3. Consider the timeliness of topics
  4. Take your schedule into account
  5. Create a weekly editorial routine
  6. Perform maintenance
  7. Update existing content
  8. Give your content a check up
  9. Monitor your performance

There are a variety of tools that help with this, as well. Some of them are:

  1. Google (Drive, Sheets, Docs, Calendar)
  2. CoSchedule
  3. Trello
  4. MeisterTask
  5. Asana
  6. WordPress Editorial Calendar Plugin
  7. AirTable

We hope that this helps put some order to your marketing schedule, so read on the full article for additional tips!

Advisor Perspectives

4. Dealing With Self-Doubt (Distraction-Proof Advisor Idea Video #144) via Paul Kingsman

It’s completely normal to let self-doubt creep up, after all, we’re only human! How do you manage that, though? Let these tips from Paul Kingsman help what you can focus on and better manage your thoughts.

  1. Don’t let your long-term objectives scare you or keep you from doing anything productive.
  2. Choose an action step toward your long-term objective, and start on it today.
  3. Don’t get discouraged if actions take longer than you thought they would. Work to make daily progress.

For more details, check out the full video!

Paul Kingsman

5. How brands are injecting creativity into digital via Marketing Week

Digital channels are generally full of metrics and numbers, but there are more ways for brands to get creative.  While it’s still important to measure your strategy and check the analytics, there are ways to get creative that can really help out your firm!

Remember to work to create content that will stop a reader and make them read more, and be sure that you are working effectively.

Check out the full article for more details on getting more creative with your digital marketing strategy.

Digital marketing creativity