Feature Friday: June 12, 2020

Ah, Friday! All week we’ve looked forward to welcoming you to the weekend. Looks like we made it, so settle in, leave your to-do list alone for a couple minutes and read through our curated list of must-reads from around the industry.

1. How to Incorporate More Diversity in Your Advisor Website and Marketing [+ 10 Tips and Resources] via Twenty Over Ten

In light of the #blacklivesmatter movement, Twenty Over Ten has been working hard to use our platform to be helpful. As a company, we’re working daily to incorporate more diversity and inclusion into our workspace. It can be difficult, though, to find tangible ways to truly make a change. We’ve brainstormed and researched, eventually coming up with 10 financial advisory business-relevant ways to incorporate diversity into your practice:

  1. Start Using Stock Photos and Diverse Images That Show People of Color
  2. Consider Collaborating with People of Color for Guest Blog Contributions
  3. When It Comes to Decision-Making in Marketing, Make Sure People of Color are Weighing In
  4. When Writing Your Captions: If You Are About To Write/Say The Phrase ‘People Of Color,’ Stop And Think You Are Really Talking About
  5. Be Mindful Of Your Hashtags
  6. Share Black Businesses In the Industry and In Your Local Community
  7. Include Black Voices in Your Posts, Visuals, Partnerships and Community
  8. Ask For Permission Before Reposting an Image to your Feed
  9. Diversify Your Feed
  10. Create Authentic And Actionable Steps For a More Inclusive, Long-Term Content Strategy

Read the whole blog and start using your platform to take a stand!

How to Incorporate More Diversity in Your Advisor Website and Marketing [+ 10 Tips and Resources] Featured Image

2. Deepen Client Relationships Through Video via Financial Planning Association

In strengthening relationships with clients, we love preaching the importance of getting creative. This article by the Financial Planning Association highlights the opportunity to post videos for your clients, especially in the time of quarantine—you have more time to fine-tune your videos and clients have more time to be watching them. A recent study predicted that by 2022, 82% of all consumer internet traffic will be drawn from online video. What a reason to get into videoing yourself! Read the full post for helpful tips and tricks to kick-off your video marketing.

{Image credit: Social Media Today}

3. The Financial Advisory World Has Changed… For Good via Iris

You’ve heard us say it multiple times by now, but we’re here to remind you: The financial advisory world has changed for good. This article highlights the largest changes for professional service firms:

  • Market Noise & Confusion
  • Compliance & Regulation
  • Digital Communications
  • Speed & Service Expectations
  • Social Networking
  • Engagement Marketing
  • Value of Advice

Don’t worry, they also go on to say exactly how you can be adjusting to these changes and why they may even be better than before. Read the full post!

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4. 9 Research-Backed Stress Management Tips For Financial Advisors via The Advisor Coach

Financial advisors have a lot on their plates. Shrinking margins, increasing competitions, marketing issues. The stressors certainly know how to multiply. Studies have shown that 71% of advisors experience moderate or high stress compared to 63% of investors. This article by The Advisor Coach hones in on how financial advisors can manage their stress better by:

  1. Having a Plan
  2. Setting Boundaries
  3. Getting Some Perspective
  4. Sleep Well
  5. Bring Your Dog to Work
  6. Smash your Phone with a Hammer
  7. Try Aromatherapy
  8. Laugh a Little
  9. Help Others

Disclaimer: I recommend reading the full post before implementing any of these stress management techniques, especially number six.Quote about stress management for financial advisors

5. Talk About Who Your Client Wants To Be via The Client Driven Practice

“There’s a lean, muscular, half naked man in my bathroom mirror every morning and it’s not me.” 

What an introduction. This interesting and eye-catching hook leads into an extremely relevant philosophical stance on talking to your clients about who they want to be. They’re seeing you, a financial advisor, for a reason. They need help and want to make a change. “They want to be someone who is more successful, more satisfied, less anxious, more confident. They don’t necessarily want a new advisor because of the advisor. They want a new advisor because of who they will be once they start working with the advisor who can get them there.”

Read the full article for ways to let clients know you can help them make that change.