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Feature Friday: June 11, 2021

Happy Friday everyone! We hope that you’ve all had a strong and productive week and are ready to head into the weekend. To kick it off, we have some of our favorite articles discussing how wealthy investors want to communicate with their advisors, how advisors should set up their website and a whole lot more. Enjoy!

1. How Wealthy Investors Want to Communicate With Their Advisor via Advisorpedia

Millennials have been immersed in technology as soon as they entered the workforce, so millennials’ communication with the older generations can differ. So, financial advisors should understand that different generations want to be communicated with in different ways. For the most part, calling clients on the phone remains the most common communication method that investors use for communicating with their financial advisor, with 80 percent saying they prefer this method. So, how should you communicate with your clients? The full article breaks it down so you can figure out how to integrate technology and communication methods into your plan.

How do you communicate with your advisor?

2. How Are Other Advisors Setting Up Their Websites? Everything You Need to Know via Three Crowns Marketing

How are financial advisors setting up their websites? There are many processes and ways to go about this and this article from Three Crowns Marketing covers the following topics:

  • How Most Advisors Set Up Their Websites
  • The Most Important Part of Every Advisor’s Website
  • Which Plugins Do You Need?

For details on each tip, check out the entire article and start building the lead-generating website of your dreams.

Three Crowns Marketing

3. A Millennial Advisor’s Advice on Getting the Most Out of FinTech Platforms via Advisor Magazine

At the start of 2020, the way that financial advisors connected with others changed drastically. Companies had to quickly pivot and the use of technological platforms has been on the rise but 2020 really pressed fast-forward. While learning new technology can be difficult, mastering the processes serves everyone in the long run. So, how can this technology work?

  • CRM Software Can Keep Client Communications Organized
  • Portfolio Management Software Can Help Advisors and Clients Alike

Once you get your team on board with new technology and they can perceive the value, they will be more likely to adopt this and implement it into the business, making for a smoother process.

Advisor Magazine

4. 3 Tips For Avoiding Jargon in Your Communications via Cision

What may be easy for you to understand as a financial advisor, isn’t so easy for others. Using jargon when communicating with prospects and clients can actually intimidate them and make it harder for them to understand your offerings. So, how do you avoid “jargon” when communicating with others?

  1. Picture an unexpected reader
  2. Implement a friends and family plan
  3. Learn from others who do it well

For more information on each point, check out the entire article.

PR Newswire

5. Does Fixing Old Broken Links Still Matter to SEO? via Moz

Fixing broken links is a huge part of fixing your overall SEO strategy, and is this still something that matters? The answer is yes. Even though sometimes you fix your links, your SEO doesn’t seem to be improving, so why is this and why should you continue to fix them? So, why does it not work sometimes?

  1. The links didn’t count
  2. The links were of low value
  3. You redirected to an irrelevant link
  4. Google might not rely on live links

Now that you know why your SEO strategy might not be doing as well, here are 5 best practices to boost your SEO strategy.

  1. Do continue to fix broken links
  2. Prioritize pages with authority
  3. Prioritize links with freshness signals
  4. Redirect to relevant URLs
  5. You don’t need to fix every link.

For more information on boosting your SEO, check out the video and full article.

SEO broken links


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