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Feature Friday: July 5, 2019

We hope that everyone had an awesome Fourth of July! 🎆 It’s such a great time to spend at the beach, the lake or wherever you might be celebrating! What’s even better is that it’s already the weekend again tomorrow! In between the holiday and the weekend, take some time to read our favorite articles on the best times to post on social media, marketing and connecting with clients.

1. New Report Looks at Best Times to Post on the Major Social Media Platforms in 2019 via Social Media Today

In order to maximize engagement, boost reach and, increase conversions, people have been trying to figure out the best time to post on the main social media platforms. It’s a game of trial and error, but there is no “magic time” that works for each individual platform, as they are all different from each other.

It depends on your audience, the industry, your products, what you post, consistency and many other factors for when the best times are to post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn.

For more details for the specific platforms, check out the full article!

Social Media Today

2. Why Risk Matters in Your Marketing via Three Crowns Marketing

Just like in life, taking risks as a financial advisor can be a huge step for your business and career. If you feel as though you need to change some things up at your firm, then start by doing something out of your comfort zone. This can mean something as small as:

  1. Starting a weekly blog
  2. Being more active on social media
  3. Hosting one webinar a month
  4. Publishing a video to LinkedIn

These are just a few steps to helping your firm grow, so pick something and give it your all! It’s the best way to grow.

Check out the full article for more details!

Three crowns marketing

3. How Financial Brands Can Master Multi-Channel Marketing via The Financial Brand

Creating just the right marketing message can be a difficult task as there are more and more digital channels and the interest of consumers starts to dissipate. However, one way you can stand out is to promote empathy for a lifestyle rather than selling a certain product.

These days, financial marketers have to find ways to reach consumers with their messages, but also to do it better, more frequently, more efficiently and more successfully than their competitors. That’s no easy task, especially considering how busy they already are!  Here are some things to keep in mind.

  1. Empathize with consumers rather than getting in their face
  2. Remember that marketing messaging has become more complex
  3. Social media differences require multiple approaches
  4. Meet the omnichannel challenge with subtlety

For more information about each of these topics, check out the full article!

The Financial Brand

4. Connect With Clients & Your Community (Distraction-Proof Advisor Idea Video #147)  via Paul Kingsman

Connecting with your clients and community is a great way to get your name out there, gain more leads and turn them into clients. What is the best way to do this? Check out the tips below and the full podcast from Paul Kingsman for even more!

  1. Connect with local business owners who could be good prospects for you and get coupons to encourage your clients to patronize them.
  2. Include those coupons in the capabilities folder you give to clients at their first meeting with you.
  3. Encourage clients to mention they got their coupons from you so the business owners know their connection with you is boosting their business.

For more details on the ins and outs of this topic, check out the full podcast!

Paul Kingsman

5. All Links are Not Created Equal: 20 New Graphics on Google’s Valuation of Links via Moz

Links are definitely not created equal and Google has showed that by innovating with anchor text, topic-modeling, content analysis, trust signals, user engagement, and much more to bring about better results! Check out these 20 points to show what makes links rank higher.

  1. Links from popular pages cast more powerful votes
  2. Links inside unique main content pass more value than boilerplate links
  3. Links higher up in the main content pass more powerful votes
  4. Links with relevant more anchor text are more valuable
  5. Links from unique domains are more powerful than previously linked sites
  6. External links are more powerful than internal links
  7. Links from sites closer to a trusted seed are more valuable
  8. Links from topically relevant pages generally rank higher
  9. Links on fresh pages are better than stale pages
  10. The rate of link growth can signal freshness
  11. Google devalues spam and low-quality links
  12. Link echoes: The value of a link may persist even after it disappears
  13. It’s best to link to authoritative content
  14. If you link to spam, your page may be devalued
  15. Nofollowed links aren’t followed, but still may hold some value
  16. Many JavaScript links pass value, but only if Google renders them
  17. If a page links to the same URL more than once, the first link has more priority
  18. Robots.txt and Meta Robots may impact how and whether links are seen
  19. Disavowed links typically don’t pass value
  20. Unlinked mentions may associate data or authority within a website

To find out more about the power of links, check out the full article.

Moz blog