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Feature Friday: July 24, 2020

This week, we thought that financial advisors across the nation could use a bit of encouragement. In these uncertain and tumultuous times, everyone is going through different hardships. Whether it be a shortage of clients or an abundance of clients who are concerned much more now than ever about their financial situations, all advisors are facing obstacles they must overcome. These five features from around the financial advising and marketing industry is all about the power of overcoming all sorts of obstacles and roadblocks. 

1. Video Marketing 2.0- How to Attract and Convert Video Viewers Into Clients via Twenty Over Ten

If you attended our first video marketing webinar, we have great news! The second installment of video marketing tips, tricks and how-to’s has been released. The webinar, which was originally hosted July 16, has been uploaded to the Twenty Over Ten website for all those who missed it (or just want to re-watch to soak in all the information). Watch the full webinar replay to learn how to overcome your video marketing trials and tribulations with our helpful lineup of:

    • A Video Marketing Success Story
    • Tools + Equipment
    • Where to Host Your Videos?
    • From Scripting to Sharing
    • Setting Up Your Channel
    • End Screens 
    • Sharing on Social Media

2. Tom Burmeister Moderates Financial Planning Roundtable Hosted by JConnelly via NaviPlan by Advicent

The vice president of Advicent, a financial planning software company, recently hosted a virtual “roundtable” with three financial advisors and industry experts who dove into a sort of recap of the impact of COVID-19 in the industry. “Topics discussed include the various types of financial situations faced by clients as a result of the pandemic, ways to approach market volatility with investors, the FinTech strategies firms can adopt to better serve their clients, and more.” If you’re wondering how others have overcome issues presented by the nationwide shelter-in-place, or just for some reflective insight, you should tune in to this great video.

3. Upcoming CE Webinar: A Guide for Charitable Giving via eMoney

For any advisors looking to continue their education and overcome any barriers their knowledge has set for them should look into this upcoming webinar by eMoney. They have been hosting online opportunities that have been approved by the CFP Board for CFP practitioners looking to further their education. This specific seminar will address how advisors can be bringing up charitable topics to their clients to determine overall missions and goals for the future. Anyone interested in expanding their knowledge and overcoming any shortcomings in this department should consider attending this webinar on August 6.

4. What is Gated Content and How to Leverage It For Lead Generation via Lead Pilot

Boosting lead generation is almost every advisor’s main goal for their websites. In overcoming the challenge of making your website effective, we recommend one of the top tools digital marketers are using in capturing leads through their website’s blogs and other original content. Read the full article to see how adding a gate to your content can help you overcome your lead generation obstacles. We’ll show you what content gating is and how you can get off to a good start.

5. How to Overcome Succession Planning Barriers During the COVID-19 Crisis via Financial Planning Association

A serious ripple effect of the pandemic has been the realization many have had of how fragile our wellbeing is. As we have seen with COVID-19, we should expect the unexpected. This interesting piece by the Financial Planning Association challenges advisors to overcome planning out the succession to their advisory business. Advisors are prompted to:

  1. Get Serious About Finding a Successor
  2. Consider Institutional Capital Needs
  3. Don’t Get Discouraged by the Psychology of Change

These tips are followed by an encouraging five-step ways to get the ball rolling in this succession process. Read the full article to see it all.

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