Inbound Marketing

Feature Friday: July 10, 2020

Our features this week are all about building your digital marketing toolbox! By this point, there’s a good chance your advisory business has engaged in some sort of marketing technology or way to engage prospects virtually. A crucial part of keeping your growth pace is staying informed and up-to-date on all of the amazing tools available to you. Read on, make some space in your digital toolbox and broaden your marketing knowledge!

1. Five Awesome, Undiscovered Apps for Advisors via Advisor Perspectives

Have you felt that there may just be too much technology? With all of the extensions and apps that promise to boost your business, how can you even choose what to invest time and resources into? Should you get all of them? None of them? Okay, let’s all calm down. “The problem is there are too many technology tools and you can’t and shouldn’t try them all.” According to financial expert, Taylor Schulte, your priority should be where you’re spending your time. Read the full article to see his five favorite marketing tools that have proved efficient and helpful:

  1. Loom
  2. Zapier
  3. Email Sniper Links
  4. Linkfire & Charitable
  5. Pocket

2. Four New Features Assist Advisory Firms In Generating New Clients Virtually via Lead Pilot

You read that correctly! Lead Pilot, our 5-month old, turnkey, inbound marketing solution for financial advisors is getting new features. We’re so proud of our Lead Pilot product. We are definitely not losing momentum anytime soon. This week, we announced four new features we’ve created to better help you generate new clients for your advisory business virtually. We’re excited for you to try:

  1. New Ways to Reach Clients and Prospects With Curated Automated Drip Campaigns
  2. Managing and Growing Lead Gen With Gated Content
  3. New Integration With Facebook Pixel to Track Ad Campaign Performance
  4. A Faster Way for Advisory Businesses to Produce Weekly Market Summaries

Read the post to see how to fully utilize our helpful new additions to the platform.

3. How to Use Your Video as a Marketing Tool — With Laura Garfield And Sharon Gottula of Idea Decanter via Top Advisor Marketing

Okay, so, you’ve taken our advice and have started setting aside the time to make videos every now and then, or maybe even regularly. How are you making sure they get seen? Your amazing and well-intended content is not reaching its full potential if you aren’t using it to market yourself. This podcast with Laura Garfield and Sharon Gottula of Idea Decanter shows advisors just how to get “the most marketing mileage” out of the videos you’re making. In this episode you will learn:

  • How to prevent YouTube from suggesting other people’s “up next” videos to your audience
  • How to decide where to post your videos
  • How to email your videos without sending a big file
  • Best practices for posting videos on social media
  • How to track the success of your videos

Top Advisor Marketing

4. 39+ Free Marketing Tools to Grow Your RIA via XY Planning Network

Marketing tools do not need to be expensive. You do not need to set aside a large chunk of your budget for marketing as long as you do the necessary research into the tools and platforms available to you for free. This article highlights four major categories of marketing technology and a TON of resources available for each. Look into all of the free marketing tools that can help you:

  • Create a Brand and a Website
  • Connect with People
  • Share Your Message
  • Measure What’s Working

39+ Free Marketing Tools to Grow Your RIA

5. Why Financial Advisors Should Think Small… to Grow Big via Iris

And now that we have given you four new features, five helpful apps, video marketing advice AND a whopping 39 free marketing tools, I want you to take a breath. You do not need all of these tools. The secret to success in marketing your advisory business is to focus on your own, tangible, achievable goals. What are your strengths? Where do you excel and what feels like a monumental challenge? For now, focus on the little victories you can find. Think small… to grow big. This article suggests that finding small wins (and even small losses) are necessary to make big progress. Starting too big or stretching yourself too thin from the beginning leads to big confusion and frustrating situations. Focus on these three steps to achieving your goals:

  1. Define your big goals
  2. Think small
  3. Be persistent and patient