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Feature Friday: January 31, 2020

How is it already the last day of January? We feel like this month flew by and what better way to close it out than by checking out some of our favorite articles of the week in today’s Feature Friday? We will cover everything from social media to gaining prospects on LinkedIn and leveraging technology. Check it out!

1. How Should Financial Advisors Use Social Media? via Three Crowns Marketing

As a financial advisor, it is becoming more and more important that you have an active presence on social media. It’s a great way to tap into a whole different group of leads and prospects and a way to get your information out there, proving yourself as a thought-leader in the industry. Check out these 5 reasons to use social media to enhance your image.

  1. Use it to build your brand
  2. You can connect with colleagues
  3. Communicate with clients
  4. Educate your prospects
  5. Remember to have fun with it!

Want more details on how to expand your social presence as a financial advisor? Check out the entire blog!

Social Media blog three crowns marketing

2. 11 Ways to Grow Your Social Media Audience via Social Media Today

More and more businesses are using their social media platforms as a way to grow their social media presence and connect with more and more people. Social media is a great way to drive more leads back to your website and eventually find new contacts that can become clients. So, how do you go about growing your audience? Check out these 11 tips to start using at your firm.

  1. Try holding contests
  2. Include a visual with every post
  3. Share more videos
  4. Be proactive in listening to and responding to your audience
  5. Update your profile and cover photos
  6. Give people a reason to why they should be following you
  7. Encourage tagging on your posts
  8. Don’t forget about hashtags
  9. Use humor to engage with others
  10. Check out paid social
  11. Never buy followers or fans.

Want to dive deeper into these tips? Check out the full article!

Social Media Today

3. LinkedIn Prospecting Strategies-FOR REAL via Red Zone Marketing

Business development can be something that financial advisors struggle with, and a way to change this is by using social media to the advantage of your firm. One great way to do this is by using LinkedIn to gain prospects. Did you know that LinkedIn is responsible for 80% of the business-to-business leads sourced via the Internet? So, with that being said, this is a great way to gain prospects for your firm.

Want to get useful tips to correctly create leads and prospects using this platform? Check out the full article!

LinkedIn red zone marketing

4. Change: A Perfect Publicity Opportunity (Distraction-Proof Advisor Idea Video #177) via Paul Kingsman

Changes – whether within your firm or within the larger industry – provide great opportunities to publicize your expertise and emphasize how you help, putting you top of mind with important Centers of Influence.

  • When changes occur, determine how to announce them in ways that reflect positively on you.
  • Clearly communicate why this change should be of interest to the COIs you’re making your announcement to. Make sure to answer, “Why should I care?”
  • Stand out from the crowd by sending out a hard copy of your announcement.

Check out the full video from Paul Kingsman.

Paul KIngsman

5. Leveraging Tech to Build Efficiency in Your Work via Practice Management Blog

Using technology at your firm is a great way to gain more leads and be more productive. There are a few ways to use technology at your firm and become more productive.

  1. Use Scheduling Software
  2. CRM
  3. Email marketing system
  4. VPN
  5. Password Manager
  6. Voice-to-Text Systems