Feature Friday: January 25, 2019

We hope that you have been surviving the cold weather as we reach the final week of January.  ❄️ Can you believe that February is almost here? By now, you have probably started to settle into 2019 and are continuing to work towards your goals for the new year. We wanted to close out your week with some of our favorite reads on social media, artificial intelligence and technology.

1. 15 Facebook Marketing Groups to Join in 2019 via Social Media Today

Using social media marketing is becoming more and more of a 💪🏼 tactic when it comes to getting out there and connecting with other advisors. Gone are the days where it was an option to be on social media, but rather, it’s pretty much a necessity these days! Connecting with other marketers on social is a great way to stay “in the know,” and we have got ⑮ groups that your company should join this year!

  1. Facebook Ad Hacks
  2. FBinfluence
  3. Facebook Ads Agency Scaling Secrets
  4. Social Media Managers
  5. BAMF
  6. ClickFunnels
  7. Shopify, Ecom & Facebook Ads Community
  8. Bot Academy: Facebook Messenger Marketing
  9. Social Media United
  10. Mod Agency Insiders
  11. 6 Figure Digital Marketing Hacks for Entrepreneurs
  12. Facebook Ad Buyers
  13. Marketing with Messenger Bots
  14. Market Hero Nation
  15. FB Ads Betterment Society

2. These 5 Trends Should Get You Off the Social Media Sidelines via SEI

It’s the start of 2019, which means the start of some new trends on social media for you to try!   If you are looking to enhance your business, then these are some things that you should try in the upcoming year!

  1. Be on the lookout for live chat, chatbots and messaging
  2. Live Video will be big on social media
  3. Social data transparency and security
  4. Segmentation of social audiences
  5. Social proof

These 5️⃣ trends are just beginning to touch on the surface of what you can do this year. For more details, check out the article below!

3. Here’s What AI Can Do for Advisors via Think Advisor

Artificial Intelligence is really starting to take over the financial advisor world since with the help of AI, people will be able to smarter and more efficiently. As you. know, AI complements the work of people by using computers to perform tasks that would usually require human intelligence, so how can this help advisors?

It is being used in things, such as chatbots and virtual assistants in order to improve customer service and help people get their questions answers much more efficiently. What else can AI for advisors? Read on to find out more!

4. Ep 130-Social Media Methodology with Ian Moyse via Top Advisor Marketing

So, when it comes to your marketing plan at your advisory firm, how important is social media to your company? Our expert guest, Ian Moyse, is on this week’s podcast 🎙 is here to discuss the true value of your social media plan when it comes to attracting clients.

While social is a huge part of your plan, it will not replace traditional methods, but rather should be used symbiotically. Take a listen below to find out more!

5. What to Look For When It’s Time to Change Your Advisor Tech via T3 Technology Hub

You’re constantly updating your technology on your computer and📱, so shouldn’t you treat the technology that you use at your advisor firm in the same way? So, how do you know when it’s time to make a change?

In this post, we’re going to check out how to recognize if you use legacy technology. and how you can find the best technology partners to help keep your firm competitive in this ever-changing.🌎

For more details on this, check out the article below!