Feature Friday: January 11, 2019

We hope that you have started your new year out with a bang!  It’s always an exciting time of year because you can get back on track with anything that you left hanging or prepare your company to start something new, such as a new method to gain clients, a new marketing tactic, or something that will make your advisory firm more awesome than it already is! To kick off your weekend and to keep charging into 2019, we wanted to share some articles with you on advertising, marketing and succeeding in the new year.

1. What makes people click on search ads? via Search Engine Land

Not surprisingly, many people may not know the difference between ads and organic listings! After a survey, 506 people said that they have clicked on a paid search ad in the past month. The reason being is because 75% said the ads make it easier to find the information that they were looking for.  People are more likely to click on ads that speak to their brand.

So, if you are debating using ads for your business, then read more below to find out why it could be a great choice for you!

2. How to Change for the Better in 2019 via ThinkAdvisor

Maybe you had a successful year, but you are looking for more in 2019! Are you trying to make some changes in your marketing plan? How you work with clients? Whatever it may be, it’s always a great idea to work to better yourself, especially as a “kick-off” for the new year. If you are having trouble about where to start, then simply accept the way things are today and then work on improving in the future. You are not going to change overnight, but realize that it is a process. Read on for more tips below!

3. The 2019 Social Media Image Optimization Guide [Infographic] via Social Media Today

As you probably know by now, visuals are key to maximizing your social media presence! You need to be sure that you are using high-quality images or you are really missing out on an opportunity to excel. With formats constantly changing, how do you ensure that you are not missing out on opportunities? Check out the below infographic for helpful tips and more information!

4. New Year’s Resolutions to Make the Most of Your Marketing via Susan Danzig

The New Year is a great time to re-evaluate your marketing strategy and get rid of things that didn’t work and start trying new tactics that will skyrocket your business!  Below are four tips that can help you develop a stronger marketing plan this year.

  1. Develop Your Annual Marketing Strategy
  2. Plan Out Your Blog
  3. Branch Out
  4. Block Out Time to Review Your Performance

5. Motivation Is Not Really Required to Succeed via Entrepreneur

Obviously, motivation is a huge factor when it comes to getting things done in the workplace. So, you usually don’t hear that motivation isn’t really required for success. What you can do is begin by creating systems and putting them in place so that they work best for your business!  We have some strategies to create reliable systems within your company.

1. Only focus on things that are truly priorities
2. Understand that motivation is optional
3. Learn how to delegate tasks
4. Even when times are stressful, remember to enjoy the ride!

For more details on this, check out the article below!