Feature Friday: February 8, 2019

The polar vortex ❄️ came and went, and hopefully, things are starting to warm up from here on out! Since you had more time to spend indoors, this was a great time to catch on any work you had been putting off and checking out these top reads on promoting your content, social media and XX. Enjoy the article s and hopefully the warmer weather!

1. 5 Real Examples of Advanced Content Promotion Strategies via Moz

You work so hard to create killer content, but what’s the use if nobody reads it? You need to promote it in order to ensure that plenty of people read it! Here are 5️⃣ examples on the best way to do this!

  1. Use your content to distribute it on social media.
  2. Combine original research to go viral.
  3. Drive targeted, bottom-of-the-funnel leads.
  4. Rank faster with paid social promotion!
  5. Continue to refresh your retargeting ad creative in order to keep the engagement ⬆️

Implement these 5 tips above in order to excel and read on below to get more details!

2. How to Setup Your Business Facebook Page via Susan Danzig

In this day and age, having a social media presence is so important for your business! It’s a great way to bring in new prospects to your website while keeping in touch with your current clients and continuing to grow that relationship. Facebook has 80 million small and medium-sized business pages, so it’s pertinent that your firm is on it and starts making those connections.

However, if you don’t have a site, getting started can seem like a daunting task, so here are some tips to make it easier!

  1. Start by creating a business page.
  2. Add a profile picture and cover photo. 🖼
  3. Explore your options.
  4. Be sure to expand your “About Us” section.
  5. Find fans of your page!

These simple tips should be a good start, so to fight out more, check out the image below!

3. Have You Cleared the Clutter from Your Advisory Business? via SEI

As a busy financial advisor, you are pulled in so many different directions that it can hard to catch up and find the time to “declutter.” It’s still early in the year, so there is plenty of ⏱ to form new habits to carry with you through 2019, and taking a look at your advisor accounts is a good way to start!

Small accounts and non-profitable accounts, one-off portfolios, and marketing with mixed messages are all forms of clutter in your business. To solve this problem, you need to commit to a system and find a way to fix this. What are some of the items that you can look into in order to start to declutter?

  1. Your Message
  2. Your Website
  3. Your Accounts
  4. Your Clients
  5. The Operations of your Company
  6. The Work Environment

Find out more by checking out the link below!

4. 3 Ways to Get New Clients by Exceeding Professional Expectations via Hartford Funds

We talk about the importance of content marketing and using social media usage to drive traffic and generate more leads, but word of mouth is still an extremely important tactic when it comes to gaining new clients!

Word of mouth is why you need to do awesome work and exceed expectations with everything that you do! If a client had a great experience working with you, they will be likely to pass it along to someone else needing your services. If you do below average work, then that is something that will, unfortunately, get around, as well.

When working with someone, it’s important to understand what clients want and then get feedback so that you can see where you are excelling and where you may need some work! Click on the image below for more details on how to offer an A+ experience to your clients and gain more leads!

5. A Financial Advisor’s Guide to Content Marketing: Why it Works and How it Creates Influence via eMoney

In this day and age, content marketing is such a great way to drive awareness to your brand and gain followers. Why is content marketing so important as a financial advisor?

  1. It helps for prospective clients to find you amongst many other advisors.
  2. It shows your authority and proves that you are a thought leader in the industry.
  3. It helps to build trust between you and your visitors.

Looking for ways to get started? Read more by clicking on the image below!