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Feature Friday: February 7, 2020

It’s the first Feature Friday of the month, and we are excited for another strong month ahead! To get February started, let’s start by discussing some of our top articles on everything from social media strategies to writing and SEO.

1. 9 Social Media Goals to Help Boost Your Strategy in 2020 via Social Media Today

A strong social media strategy is a great way to connect with your audience and draw more traffic and attention to your advisor website. Check out these 9 goals to boost your strategy and take your social media presence to the next level.

  1. Stop ignoring your audience
  2. Try selling on social
  3. Broadcast yourself
  4. Collaborate with micro-influencers
  5. Have fun with AR
  6. Befriend the algorithms
  7. Go somewhere new
  8. Become private
  9. Start messaging

Want more details on how to boost your social presence? Check out the entire article for helpful advice!

Social Media Today

2. Easy Tips To Tame Social Media via SEI

While social media may be considered a fairly simple task to some people, for others, it can be more complex. Here are four quick go-to tips to step into your social media presence, specifically on LinkedIn.

  1. Check that your profile is up to date
  2. Build a rapport with your audience
  3. Make yourself noticed on social media
  4. Ask yourself, to share or not to share?

Want to dive deeper into these tips? Check out the full article from SEI!SEI Advisors

3. How To Conquer Your Fear Of Writing via Perfectly Planned Content

If you are tentative to start writing or fear that you will not succeed in it at your work, then Zoë Meggert has tips to help you conquer that fear and create awesome content.

  1. Start with your research
  2. Hush your inner critic
  3. Set reasonable goals
  4. Embrace the fear
  5. Get going

For more detail, check out the full post!

Perfectly Planned Content

4. SEO for 2020-Whiteboard Friday via Moz

It’s a new decade, so what does that mean for your SEO? When it comes to executing an effective SEO plan, it’s important to keep these things in mind.

  1. Cover your bases with foundational SEO
  2. Schema markup
  3. Research what matters for your industry
  4. National SERPs will no longer be reliable
  5. Write good and useful content for people
  6. Understand and fulfill searcher intent, and keep in mind that there’s oftentimes multi-intent
  7. Entity and topical integration baked into your IA
  8. Optimize for featured snippets
  9. Invest in visuals
  10. Cultivate engagement
  11. Repurpose your content
  12. Improve low-quality pages
  13. Get customer insights
  14. Find keyword opportunities in Google Search Console
  15. Target link-intent keywords
  16. Podcasts
  17. Provide unique research with visuals

To dive deeper into each topic, check out the full article.


5. He’s Just Not That Into You! 4 Ways to Connect Quicker with Prospects via Red Zone Marketing

Do you try to attract clients to your firm but feel like you are having a hard time? In businesses where the seller and the buyer’s relationship matter, rather than focusing on the product or service, try to incorporate more of the relationship and connecting. Here are 4 strategies that have been successful in attracting the best prospects.

  1. Research diligently
  2. Ask big questions
  3. Listen curiously
  4. Build a better story

Check out the full article for more detail on exactly how to do this.

RedZone Marketing