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Feature Friday: February 26, 2021

Just like that, it’s the last Feature Friday of February! The week was incredibly busy for us and we hope that you had a great week. In order to make your workload a little easier, we’ve rounded up five of our favorite articles of the week on boosting lead generation by creating consistent content, which type of ads to use at your firm, setting yourself apart as a financial advisor and much more.

1. How Advisors Can Boost Lead Gen with Consistent Content via Advisorpedia

Creating consistent content is crucial for driving more traffic to your website. It’s important that the content caters to your audience and answers the types of questions that they want to be answered. But as a busy financial advisor, it can get difficult to find the time to do this. One way to make it easier is to use a blog template, and this easy 3-step template can help get you started.

Step 1: Write the Introduction

Step 2: Write the body of the article or the blog

Step 3: Wrap it up with a conclusion

The full article discusses the details for each step. Check it out!


2. How Do I Get People To Talk? via Red Zone Marketing

At work, people want to discuss the things that they are good at, as this is what they think people want to hear, but in reality, that’s not what many people want to talk about. So, how do you get people talking and to remember you?

It’s important that you discuss things that are memorable. What sets you apart? So, as a financial advisor, how can you set yourself apart from the competition and get people talking? The full article weighs in.

How do i get people to talk?

3. Credibility Marketing with Jason Lahit‪avia Three Crowns Marketing

In this podcast, Jason Lahita, founding partner of StreetCred Communications discusses the role that public relations can play in the overall marketing strategy of financial advisors, how they can utilize the updated SEC Ad rule and much more. This podcast is one that you don’t want to miss, so be sure to give it a listen!

Three Crowns Marketing Podcast

4. Google Ads vs Facebook Ads: Which is better for your 2021 ad strategy? via iMPACT

When it comes to paid media, Google and Facebook are the biggest options out there. And while ads are a great way to boost your firm and its visibility, how do you know which is right for your business? According to some experts in the field, a blended approach is the best route to take, as this allows you to utilize both platforms. To find out more about each platform and how to use them at your firm, check out the entire article where it is broken down for you.

Google Ads versus Facebook ads

5.You know how some financial advisors struggle with how to introduce themselves? via The Client Driven Practice

When you say you are a financial advisor, what can you say that sets you apart from the others out there? As an advisor, it’s important that you are developing a brand framework that will become the basis for your branding messages moving forward. But before you get started, lead with the challenge that your niche is facing. This is an effective way to address their pain points and get started from there. For details on how to best do this, check out the entire article!

How do financial advisors introduce themselves?


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