Feature Friday: February 14, 2020

It’s Valentine’s Day and what better way to kick off the day than by chatting about some of the articles that we just ❤️ this week! From marketing to using social media to market for events, check out 5 articles that we couldn’t get enough of! Enjoy!

1. Create more marketing through campaigns-the Becoming Referable podcast via The Client Driven Practice

Are you looking to boost your marketing and referrals? Have you thought about organizing them into campaigns? In today’s podcast, we will discuss many useful topics, which include the benefits of coordinating your marketing into campaigns around key themes. We talk about how the focus on themes drives your message home, adds value for your clients and helps to attract prospects.

Additionally, we will look at how client communication and new business development can be thought of as a single process and help you discover ways you can leverage what you are doing with clients to drive growth.

For details on each of these topics, give the podcast a listen here!

the Becoming Referable podcasdt

2. Top Digital Marketing Strategies for Financial Advisors in 2020: Part 1 via Three Crowns Marketing

A strong digital marketing plan is necessary for the financial industry, so Johnny Sandquist asked ten marketing professionals in the wealth management industry the top digital marketing strategies to look for this year. Check out the first 5 ideas below.

  1. An advisor’s focus depends on short and long-term goals
  2. Ask for the right data to showcase value propositions
  3. Advisors should become more personalized in their client interactions
  4. Be yourself
  5. Create a magnetic presence

Want to dive deeper into these strategies? Check out the full post!

Three Crowns Marketing

3. How to Optimize Your Area of Specialization (And Why This Matters!) via Susan Danzig

It’s important to determine the ideal client for you and your firm, but once you have figured that out, you need to decide the services that you should offer. Some questions to ask yourself are:

  1. What is an area of specialization?
  2. Ask yourself: What do you love to you?
  3. What is your experience?

After these questions, make sure that you also stand out from the crowd!  For more details, check out the full post!

Susan Danzig

4. How to Use Social Media to Market your Event [Infographic] via Social Media Today

When trying to market an event and make it known, using social media is a necessity, especially since spreads awareness, helps you to make connections and boosts engagement across a wide range of platforms. There are 6 main things you can do and keep in mind that will be discussed in the infographic, and they are to:

  1. Plan your strategy
  2. Use social media to drive ticket sales
  3. Understand how to use Facebook in early event promotion
  4. Choose your event hashtag
  5. Use Instagram to drive ticket sales
  6. Use LinkedIn to encourage event networking

To find out more about this topic, check out the entire infographic here!

Soical media infographic

5. 7 SEO Processes That Get Easier with Increased PageRank/Domain Authority-Whiteboard Friday via Moz

What factors are affected as you improve PageRank or Domain Authority, and how? The main 7 that will get simpler are:

  1. Ranking ability
  2. Crawl budget
  3. Indexation speed
  4. More powerful links
  5. Insulation from bad links
  6. Less over-optimization
  7. The flywheel effect

Check out the full article for more details on SEO processes.

SEO processes