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Feature Friday: February 12, 2021

It’s almost Valentine’s Day, so we wanted to share the articles that we really loved this week! We can’t wait for advisors to start embracing the marketing opportunities that will come with the New SEC Ad Rule, so the first article should be a big help. Find out how you can continue to dominate your social media strategy in 2021, communicate your value as an advisor and much more.

1. Advertising With Testimonials And Endorsements Under The New SEC Marketing Rule via Nerd’s Eye View at

The SEC has announced a new marketing rule which will allow financial advisors to proactively use testimonials from clients and endorsements from non-clients while also highlighting their own ratings on various third-party review sites. RIAs will be able to leverage more third-party ratings and reviews sites and while still regulated, this offers a major shift in the environment and this can be an effective way to show the value that your firm brings. To find out more, check out the full article.

Nerd's Eye view SEC Marketing Rule

2. My Daily Checklist for Dominating Social Media via Advisor Perspectives

Samantha Russell, Chief Evangelist for FMG Suite and Twenty Over Ten is sharing her daily checklist to execute and maximize her social media strategy. This can be adjusted to fit the unique needs of your firm because it comes down to:

  • Creating new content weekly and then publishing it to your website or blog
  • Building a habit of engaging on social media every day
  • Sharing your content to attract engagement

To find out what Samantha does daily, check out the entire article here. And if you’re looking to grow your online presence, then be sure to use these tactics at your own firm.

Advisor Perspective article

3. What should go at the top of your advisor website? via Three Crowns Marketing

Did you know that 55% of people spend less than 15 seconds on your website? That’s not a lot of time to grab the attention of your visitors, so how do you ensure you can captivate them long enough to stay? Check out your home page and see what you have placed “above the fold” and make sure you’re including the most important facts up top.

For a deep dive on what you should put at the top of your advisor website. check out the quick video below.

4. Communicate Your Value as an Advisor, Even Without a Niche via Shauna Mace

Note: This article was originally published in SEI’s practice management blog, Practically Speaking. 

Communicating your value can be difficult but standing out can be even harder, so as a financial advisor how can you work to develop messaging and content that clearly communicates your value and help you to stand out from the competition? While a niche is a great way to do this, you can develop valuable messaging for your firm even without a niche. There are three areas that inform your messaging and content so it resonates with your ideal client to inspire engagement and action:

  1. Your ideal clients’ needs
  2. Your strengths and solutions as benefits
  3. Your values and approach

To find out more about those, check out the entire article.

Shauna Mace blog

5. How Financial Advisors Can Attract More Clients Using the Mere Exposure Effect via Advisorpedia

Chief Evangelist, Samantha Rusell caught up with Advisorpedia to discuss the mere exposure effect which determines the more familiar we are with something, the higher chance we are to like it, including things that remind us of ourselves. So, how can financial advisors use this to attract more clients? These 10 content ideas can help.

  1. Meet the Team blog posts
  2. 5 Favorite books post
  3. Share Industry news
  4. Give people a peek at the budget
  5. Client conversations
  6. Family vacations
  7. Budgets for big events
  8. Tools to run your business
  9. Daily spending habits
  10. Relaxation habits

For a deep dive on each, check out the full article.

How to create the mere exposure effect

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