Feature Friday: February 1, 2019

Can you believe it’s already February? The year is already flying by, but don’t forget to keep up with the latest in digital marketing amongst all of the madness! To help you out, we’ve rounded up five of our favorite recent articles on social media, AI, and meeting your business resolutions for the new year. Take a look:

1. 12 of the Best Social Media Analytics Tools (and How They Can Help Your Business) via Social Media Today

Analytics is at the core of any good marketing strategy, and social media marketing is no exception. In order to get the most out of your hard work on social media, you need to measure every effort. What isn’t measured can’t be assessed and improved, so check out these 12 tools to help you start tracking today!

Awario is one of Social Media Today‘s featured analytics tools.

2. Do These 4 Simple Things to Enjoy More Business Success in the New Year via Practice Management Blog 

The beginning of the new year often brings time for reflection and making goals. If you haven’t already, it’s a good idea to block off a few days on your calendar and devote time to some strategic business planning for 2019. Just in case you need a little help, the Practice Management Blog put together some simple things that could create some massive shifts toward success for you and your business this year. Here’s a sneak peak of their advice:

  1. Get crystal clear on who you want to reach
  2. Eliminate what’s not essential
  3. Understand what really fuels creativity
  4. Invest in personal, not just professional, development

3. AI Is Within Reach for Small Business Marketing via Entrepreneur

It’s time to level the marketing playing field. Limited budgets have traditionally disadvantaged small firms and businesses, but with affordable artificial intelligence (AI) tools coming to the market, that’s about to change! 🎉 Tools like Adobe’s Marketo to Salesforce’s Pardot are opening up new doors to advanced targeting for marketing at small companies. This means small businesses have a lot to catch up on… get started by learning more about AI and how you can be using it in this article.

4. You Need to Leverage Technology in Client Communications [Podcast] via The Client Driven Practice

Technology is helping clients take a bigger role than ever before on the service they receive. Jeff Marsden, Chief Product and Strategy Officer for Xtiva Financial Systems, joined the Client Driven Practice in their Becoming Referable podcast this week. They start their conversation conversation with a high-level view of the overall digital trends that will affect financial services in the near future. Next, they discuss how to understand client needs, psychology, and priorities in a whole new way in the world of technology. Click here to listen to the episode! 📱

Jeff Marsden, Chief Product and Strategy Officer for Xtiva Financial Systems

5. ‘No One Is Immune’ From Cyber Risk via Think Advisor

Cybersecurity is the most important issue facing the advisory industry. To break down what advisors and their financial firms need to do to better protect themselves from cyber risk, Think Advisor spoke at length with Sid Yenamandra. Yenamandra is the co-founder and CEO of tech security firm Entreda and is well-versed in the potential causes of a major cybersecurity-related disruption. Check out this article to stay ahead of the issue.