Feature Friday: December 7, 2018

Just like that, we’re a week into December! This time of year is so busy, that it just seems to fly by. 🎅🏼 Another thing that we love about this time of year is all the office holiday parties! But before you start celebrating too much, check out these top tips on being an efficient leader, accomplishing your goals and marketing to get you ready for 2019!

1. Ep. 126-Being a Category of One with Joe Calloway via Top Advisor Marketing

Have you wondered how to be a better leader and how to become the most effective employee possible? It is one thing to do quality work but to create an environment where people truly thrive is a whole different ball game. How do you motivate your colleagues? Like so many firms today follow a particular plan, to become a “Category of One” you need to truly discover how to stand out in a crowd.  Ask yourself the questions below to learn how to excel.

  1. Are you providing a specialized service to your clients?
  2. Are you relevant?
  3. Do you provide value and consistency of performance?

Check out the image below to find out about 🗝 tips!

2. Differentiating yourself by doing marketing-Megan Carpenter on the Becoming Referable podcast via The Client Driven Practice

As a financial advisor, it may be hard to find the time to grow your firm, and you may be frustrated at times about business development. If you are an advisor and are struggling with this, then it might benefit you to look deeper into marketing!  In this week’s podcast, Megan Carpenter is here to discuss some innovative ways to check out marketing in the tricky world of financial services.

In this week’s,🎙 you will learn about the fundamentals of marketing, whether you’re an independent advisor or a part of a corporation. Some questions to keep in mind are: What are the 🔑 differences between client service, business development, and marketing, and why is it important to tell the difference? To find out more about how to use these tips to and gain the trust of potential clients, check the image below ⬇️!

3. How Earned Media Management Optimizes Comms Campaigns via Cision

Being a financial advisor is such a demanding job, that it can hard to find some to work on your marketing for new clients! One way to become more well-known in the industry and work on your communications program is to work on Earned Media Management. Only half of the comms teams actually use data to find out how to better their firm, so how exactly do you go about changing that and using this process?
1. Use an Influencer Graph 📊
2. Engage strategically
3. Measure the reach with true metrics
4. Comms Transformation

Looking to transform your comms plan for 2019? Check out more on tips for this below!

4. Powerful Tools To Help You Plan (Distraction-Proof Advisor Idea Video #117)  via Paul Kingsman

Did you have some goals in mind to accomplish by the end of 2018, but didn’t’ quite get to them? That’s okay! We know that you’re busy, and it can be hard to get to everything that you had planned. If you want to change this in 2019, then a good start is to simply write them down, to put your ideas to paper! Make them seem more tangible.

Check out the video from Paul Kingsman for 🔑 tips, as well as, some 🛠 that can help you get organized in 2019!

5. 12 Expert Social Media Predictions for 2019 [Infographic] via Social Media Today

2019 is looking to be a big year for social media and how it works for your business! The below infographic should be able to show you upcoming trends, predicitions and help you to plan on how to plan accordingly with your digital marketing strategy!

Click the image below to find out more!