Feature Friday: December 21, 2018

It’s the week before Christmas! 🎄 Can you believe it is only four days away? We hope that you have some plans to be with family and friends, but before you get into holiday mode, we wanted to share our favorite articles of the week on networking, social media and marketing!

1. 14 Tips for How to Network at a Holiday Party via Think Advisor

Tis the season for holiday🎄parties! While this can be a great time to cut loose and enjoy yourself after all the hard work that you have put in this year, it is important to keep in mind that this is also a great opportunity to network!

What better time than the end of the year to start making connections 🤝 so that you can get ahead in 2019. Not sure where to start? Here are 14 tips to get you going!

1. Keep it light
2. Know who will be at the party
3. Have your 🛠 of the trade
4. Initiate conversations
5. Have questions ready
6. Ask for an introduction
7. Be polite when you end conversations
8. Remember the only thing you are selling is yourself
9. Have a specific objective
10. Get your elevator speech ready
11. Be positive
12. Offer help
13. Plan to follow-up
14. Remember to have fun!

These should be simple tips to get you started, but for more information, check out the article below!

2. Talk triggers are the secret to being referable-Jay Baer on the Becoming referable podcast via The Client Driven Practice

Referrals are still such a huge part of gaining clients for advisor practices, so when you go this route, are you making sure that you have a “word of mouth strategy?” On this week’s podcast🎙, Jay Baer, Founder of Convince & Convert, discusses bringing in new clients with an operational strategy.

He discusses 5️⃣ different types of talk triggers, with great examples to show how they can work in real life. To listen in on this podcast, check it out below! 

3. 12 Social Media Trends That Will Impact Your Business in 2019 [Infographic] via Social Media Today

As you probably know by now, social media is a HUGE part of your advisor business! It is no longer a luxury that would be nice to include in your marketing plan, but rather something you can really utilize to generate leads.  In this helpful infographic, Social Media Today outlines and breaks it down between the different categories of:

1. Trends surrounding data changes
2. Trends involving technology
3. Social changes that will impact marketing

Check out this useful infographic below for help bringing your social media strategy to the next level!

4. How to Design Your Website to Market to Millenials via Susan Danzig

Even though millennials may get overlooked at times, they will one day be the largest demographic in the workforce! That means it is time to pay attention to them and keep their preferences in mind when creating your website. We have some very simple tips for when it comes to this.

1. State Things Simply Because They’re Savvy
2. Offer a Future of Experiences
3. Keep It New
4. Be Inclusive

Seems simple enough, right? To find out more, check it out below!

5. The 5 Biggest Mistakes Businesses Make on Instagram via Entrepreneur

Instagram has surpassed the one billion user mark, so this is a crucial social media outlet to consider when it comes to your business. Many companies are really excelling at this medium, while others are having a tougher time. Ask yourself the question: Is your business a good fit for Instagram?

So, what are some of the common mistakes for businesses on Instagram?

1. Your feed is not shoppable
2. You have too many steps to conversion
3. You bought fake followers
4. You make it all about the sales
5. You don’t use Instagram stories enough

For more information, click on the image below!