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Feature Friday: August 21, 2020

Many students went back to school this week, and while this is usually a busy time of year for families, this year it was sure to be even more chaotic. With some parents are going virtual completely, others are splitting it in half and others may be going to school full-time depending on the school. Whatever it may be, we know it is A LOT to tackle. We’re here to offer some useful tips for your work week so you can at least get some stress relief there. Enjoy your read and good luck to everyone with children starting school this week!

1. How to Build a Thriving Referral Network in 5 Simple Steps via The Wealth Marketer

When it comes to growing your business, you know how important a strong referral network can be…but how can you build that? Well, it can seem difficult to get started, which is why these 5 simple steps can break it down for you and help get you started.

  1. Identify Your Referrers
  2. Find the Value Overflow Areas
  3. Set Easy Interaction Formats
  4. Set a Plan
  5. Reap the Benefit

For details regarding each of these steps plus bonus tips, read the entire article.

The Wealth Marketer

2. Webinars are the perfect excuse for activity and communication for financial advisors via Advisor Practice Management

Advisors haven’t been able to meet in person for months now, which is why webinars have become even more important when it comes to networking, getting content out there and communicating with others. What are some reasons for using webinars and what should you keep in mind?

Remember that a webinar helps you to connect, and is an excuse to contact prospects.

Ask yourself, “How do we get started?”

  • Get a list of people to invite
  • See how many contacts you have on your phone and start there
  • The steps for generating activity with ideal contacts this fall are as follows:

Step 1: Book three dates
Step 2: Create all call lists
Step 3: Select your software and put in the three dates with the webinar invite
Step 4: Deliver your webinars in 2 consecutive weeks
Step 5: Make sure you are following up
Step 6: Book a video meeting
Step 7: Onboard the online process with your team

Check out the entire articles for more details about each of these steps and the entire process.

Webinars for financial advisors

3. 5 Creative Marketing Ideas for Financial Advisors to Attract New Clients via

Marketing your firm can already be difficult, but in a pandemic world, where we don’t know when things will get back to normal, it can be even harder. Here are five creative marketing ideas for you to start implementing today!

  1. Give away branded face masks
  2. Join in on weekly hashtag themes
  3. Change up and optimize your email signature
  4. Start being a guest on podcasts
  5. Make sure to develop your centers of influence

What to learn more? Check out the entire article!

4. The power of knowing your clients via Content 151

As a financial advisor, it’s crucial to know your clients, especially since you will helping them along their financial journey. What about their customer journey, though? When it comes to understanding this, the things you need to consider are:

  • Awareness
  • Consideration
  • Convert
  • Maintain
  • Grow

For details surrounding each step, read on!

Content First Customer Journey

5. Summer Strategies for Staying Centered During COVID Via Susan Danzig, LLC

It can be difficult to run your business and go about “Business As Usual” as things have been anything but ordinary this summer. These tips will help you to focus and get back on track.

  1. Organize your life
  2. Try a new hobby
  3. Get an outside opinion
  4. Keep a planner
  5. Grow plants and try to maximize natural light

This time is difficult for everyone, so just try your best to boost your mood as this will not only help you and your family but your business, as well.

Summer Strategies

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