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Feature Friday: August 20, 201

We hope you have been having a great week and are ready to roll into the weekend. But before you do, be sure to check out our Feature Friday article which has some top reads on promoting your financial advisor podcast, using social media for your firm and much more.

1. How To Promote Your Financial Advisor Podcast via Advisorpedia

Content is king, and this has never been truer than after 2020. And one type of content that is shining through are podcasts. With over 850,000 active podcasts out there, this is a great way to connect with a broad audience. Once you have created your podcast, how do you promote it? Chief Evangelist of FMG Suite and Twenty Over Ten, Samantha Russell caught up with Advisorpedia to discuss 8 useful ways to do this:

  1. Promote your podcast on social media
  2. Release 3 or more episodes on launch day
  3. Leverage your guest’s audience
  4. Repurpose your podcast
  5. Transcribe the audio
  6. Work to get ratings/run a contest
  7. Find partners that can mention you
  8. Be a guest on other podcasts

To find out more about each point, check out the full article.


2. Do It with Scale: Your Third Step in Specialization via SEI

There is a change in the advisor-client dynamic, as it’s becoming more consumer-focused rather than “one size fits all” planning. And another way to do this is with technology.

Specialized advisors also use integrated technology to anticipate the concerns of their clients with targeted messages in times of market volatility or a tax law update that would draw questions, or addressing current events in the news.

So, it’s important that you choose the technology you are going to use wisely, and this article offers insight.


3. How to Use Social Media for Your Business | Summer School Lesson 13 via Three Crowns Marketing

Social media is not just for fun anymore. When it’s utilized correctly, it is great for your business. It’s important that you are providing value and not just posting links without any context. All of your social media accounts should deliver value to your followers.

If you’re using it on your personal name, you can build credibility and let people see the authentic you. And if you’re using it for your business, it can also boost your credibility. So, how can you do this best? Johnny Sandquist provides insight in the video below.


4. Four Secrets to Marketing Success via Advisor Perspectives

If you are trying to grow your marketing success, then start by utilizing these four tactics. 

  1. Don’t spend money on marketing strategies that don’t work
  2. If you serve a niche market, you may have success with social media ads
  3. Be wary of bundled providers
  4. Focus on what works

Find out more in the article.

advisor Perspectives

5. Inbound marketing strategy: 7 steps to success via IMPACT

The premise behind inbound marketing is simple, and it’s that you can attract would-be customers to your website with valuable content. The right content will attract organic traffic, so how do you build a strong inbound marketing strategy? These 7 steps will help:

  1. Establish your goals
  2. Learn about your audience
  3. Build your team
  4. Develop a content strategy
  5. Get to work
  6. Evaluate, measure and adust
  7. Branch out and try new things

For insight into each piece, check out the entire article.

building inbound marketing strategy


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