Feature Friday: April 19, 2019

What better way to end the week than diving into top, trending content in the world of digital marketing? In this Feature Friday, we’re getting into marketing strategy, social media, and designing for digital accessibility. Let’s squeeze a little more productivity out of this week!

1. Taking Baby Steps Towards Your Marketing Plan via The Client Driven Practice

For many advisors, just the thought of marketing is enough to send shivers down their spine. But like it or not, a big part of growing your firm and meeting your goals is a good marketing strategy. Marketing doesn’t have to be something that sucks the life out of you! Follow these tips from The Client Driven Practice to take small steps with big rewards.

2. 15 Ways to Fail at Social Media Marketing [Infographic] via Social Media Today

We talk a lot about what makes an outstanding social media presence, but what should you be staying away from? In this infographic from Social Media Today, you’ll learn 15 things that can break your social media strategy. Stay away from these 15 things at all costs! ⚠️

3. Clients Crave More Customized Communications From Advisors: Survey via Think Advisor

This just in: investors and clients want more engaging and mobile-friendly communications with actionable advice from their advisors, according to a survey released Friday by Broadridge Financial Solutions. Investors across generations now expect highly individualized user experiences and client-centric customization in other aspects of their lives, so delivering this in financial services might set you apart from the crowd.

4. 10 Principles of Digital Accessibility for Modern Marketers via Search Engine Land

When we talk about digital accessibility as marketers, we’re talking about the intentional creation of an experience that can be accessed by as many people as possible. Designing for accessibility means a lot of things, so take a deep dive into the main principles with Search Engine Land!

5. An Advisor’s Role in Financial Literacy Month via SEI Blogs

As you probably know, April is Financial Literacy Month, which gets personal for financial advisors. Financial advisors know better than anyone how important and valuable understanding the basics of investing, mortgages and credit is. In this blog, you’ll get some ideas on how to create an outreach to your network today and start a program that will build financial literacy in your community.