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Feature Friday: April 16, 2021

It’s finally Friday, and we can’t wait to kick off the weekend! From social media tips to writing awesome blog post titles, today’s Feature Friday has got everything you need to give your marketing a boost!

1. 10 Things Financial Advisors Should Stop Doing On LinkedIn Immediately via Advisorpedia

A strong social media strategy is so important for growing your connections and company, and LinkedIn is one of the most prominent platforms out there. It is professional and allows you to connect and interact with like-minded individuals. In fact, when it comes to the marketing funnel, LinkedIn is at the top of the funnel, starting to move leads closer to a sale. So, when it comes to driving leads, here are 10 things to stop doing.

  1. Only Using your Business Account
  2. Posting at the Same Time Each Day
  3. Creating Posts without Hashtags
  4. Not Writing Towards your Audience
  5. Using Poor Formatting
  6. Not Paying Attention to Comments
  7. Ignoring Video
  8. Posting the Same Content
  9. Using Too Many Links
  10. Being too Professional

In order to boost your LinkedIn strategy, stop doing the 10 things above immediately and your social strategy will thank you.

Marketing funnel


2. 9 Tips for Writing Irresistible Blog Post Titles via WordStream

There are over 600 million blogs out there, so it can be difficult to stand out against the competition, so how can you better do that? Create strong blog titles. You want to create something that draws in the reader and makes them want to find out more. So, how can you get people to click to read more? Here are 9 tips.

  1. Avoid spammy words
  2. Check the SERP for numbers
  3. Don’t forget your keywords
  4. Follow a “how-to” formula
  5. Include brackets
  6. Use first-person
  7. Include your audience
  8. Stress speed
  9. Make sure your value is clear

For more details on each, check out the full article and start writing more “click-worthy” titles.

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3. The Sky Garden Method: Discover Evergreen Link Building Opportunities Using Search Data via Moz

When it comes to building links and developing creative assets, there can be a similar comparison to that of building skyscrapers and ones that are stronger and more forward-thinking. In this blog, the “Sky Garden Method” will require no outreach time to build links and can generate links well into the future if done correctly. So, when it comes to the “Skyscraper Technique,” the 3 steps to that are:

  1. Find link-worthy content
  2. Make something even better
  3. Reach out to the right people

So, for the similar but more in-depth “Sky Garden” technique, you should:

  1. Find keywords where a ranking and link building opportunity exists
  2. Create your content, that clearly reference the link-worthy elements
  3. Wait

For more on keyword research and how to incorporate the “Sky Garden Technique” into your link-building strategy, give the blog a read.


4. Answer the only question that matters and prospects will give you what you want via Tony Vidler

When it comes to gaining the trust of prospects and getting more clients, “What’s In It For Me?” is the most important question that you can answer. What can you provide them that makes it worth their time? So, when someone asks that question, you can:

  1. Figure out what price you are asking people to pay.
  2. Figure out what value you can put on the table that makes that price look ridiculous. What makes the time worthwhile?
  3. Position it so that they can see the value and understand what is in it for them straight away.  They should be able to figure this out quickly.

Get more detail about how to do this as an advisor in the full article.

What's In It For me

5. 14 tips for optimizing your business blog articles for conversions via iMPACT

Writing a blog that ranks high and drives leads is every marketers’ goal, but how can you do this? Optimizing your blog to boost conversions is a big part of content creation. Follow these 14 tips to rank higher.

  1. Consider the buyer’s journey
  2. Make sure your content can pass the “blink test”
  3. Answer your audience’s tough questions
  4. Implement the 80/20 rule
  5. Check the placement of your calls-to-action
  6. Play around with the design of your CTAs
  7. Make sure your CTAs have consistent messaging
  8. Is your CTA copy value-oriented?
  9. Make sure you are using smart CTAs
  10. Convert them later by linking to other content
  11. Have relevant links on your page
  12. Include links throughout your article
  13. Optimize your anchor text’s color
  14. Use strong anchor copy text

For a deeper dive on each tip, check out the full article.

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