COVID 19 Special Update: How To Edit Your Website With Up To Date Information

The Coronavirus is impacting the world at a fast pace, and with that, you may be wondering what this means for your advisory firm. Here are some key updates you should add to your website to help your clients and prospects in the best way possible. Twenty Over Ten, CMO Samantha Russell shares some insight.

Video Transcript

Hello, everyone, this is Samantha Russell from Twenty Over Ten. I hope you are all doing well and staying healthy out there. Today I want to share with you some quick and easy ways that you may want to update your website due to the rapidly changing situation with the coronavirus. I know many people are going to be working from home if they aren’t already, there are office closures, and different contact information that we need to get out there for our clients and their families to be using which is very important to make sure it’s updated and reflected on your website. So that’s what I’m going to share with you here quickly this morning.

I also just want to point out that should you have any questions at all or need to access our team, we do already work remote, so it’s the same contact information- this is what you would use to get in touch with us so our phone number, technical support, or any other questions, this is the information that you will use and you’re able to connect with us and we’ll be happy to help you in any way that we can. So if you have never logged into your website before you’re just gonna go to and this is where you will go to make those changes. The information I’m gonna share even if you’re not a Twenty Over Ten customer is something I’d recommend anyone doing but I’m specifically going to show how to make the changes today using our platform.

So you’ll go to I’m already logged in but if you aren’t you’ll have a little button up here and you will log into your account. If you forgot your password you can click forgot password and get that reset up. So once you’ve logged in this is what the backend dashboard is going to look like. So I’m gonna walk you through on the left-hand side over here if you’re on the edit page, these are all the pages of your website that correspond with the actual pages that you see listed, right. So if you see a big page like about here’s about, and if we hovered over it there’s these two child pages “team” and “who we work” with parent being about child pages being team and who we work with that’s just some design talk for you and so you can see over here about and then team and who we were. So if there’s a little indent on the page it means it’s a subpage.

Update Your Contact Page

So the first place I’m gonna recommend that you make sure that you update and keep up to date is your contact page. So all you need to do in our platform here is click the button where it says contact and it’s gonna open up. So the first thing for many of you is you’re just gonna want to put a reassuring message letting people know that you’re here for them and how they can contact you right. So what I would suggest doing is making that you know loud and clear. Maybe something like “Coronavirus update: Due to the COVID-19, our staff is now going to be working remotely. Please see the new contact information at the right side of the page for how to get in touch with us.”

Right so whatever it is that you want to say here just letting people know that your hours of operation are potentially different, that you’ll be working from home, things like that. And then over here in the sidebar where we have all that information, I’ve already typed something up so I’m just gonna copy make that. I would suggest whenever you’re pasting anything in from a Google Doc or Word Doc that you want to paste a match style so it’s not bringing in any of the funky coding that you could get from you know your word doc platform. So what I’m gonna do now is I’m gonna turn this into what we call a header to make it stand out big and bold so I’m going to make that a header too. And then for this text down here, I’m gonna turn that into just normal paragraph text right so now we can see that information.

But maybe we want to highlight a phone number and an email that people could use so let’s change this to phone and then email.  Right so now all of this information is here and up to date on your contact page. Maybe we want to make this say “New Office Hours & Remote Information” You could say that or you can say whatever it is that you want obviously but again if we want to stylize that and make it stand out a little bit more and big and bold that’s how we can do that. So once you have all that information in here, you’ll want to make sure that you click save changes because until you click save, your work will not be saved it will erase if you go off of it. Now we’re not gonna publish this yet because we’re gonna make one other change so this is not going to be live on your website until you go through the publish steps, so just keep that in mind.

Have Someone From The Helm Of Your Firm Write An Update To Your Clients And Prospects

So now we’re gonna come down to the blog page. You can see it’s labeled here as blog, in this example we’ve called it insights and so you can see you know all the blog posts that have previously been published here, but what I highly suggest you do is write from your CEO your Managing Partner or somebody at the helm of your organization writing an update to all of your clients and prospects. I know most of you have already done that, but if you haven’t already, number one do it and then number two make sure it’s also on your website because you might have emailed it out and someone might not have gotten it or you could be again getting a family member of a client looking to your website for answers so you want to make sure that you’re putting that information where they can find it as well if they’re not the one getting the email.

So on this page here what we’re gonna do is come to manage posts. So this page is a little bit different – you don’t just click it to edit it, you need to click this little A that says “manage posts” so that’s what we’re gonna do and in this case for everybody who uses our content library, content assist, you’ll under “add new” if you want, we’ve created a sample message that you can start with and then edit it to fit your audience. So just click content assist and you’ll see it in there for you. So right here “Staying the course- Coronavirus and stock market volatility,” you can preview it first but again all of the articles in this library you can edit, so you can go ahead click “Add post” and now you can edit it.

So again it’s still gonna all need to go through compliance but here’s a good start right. So maybe we want to say, “A special message from our CEO,” and then you’ll see that this post is being kept up to date so the latest numbers were as of yesterday March 12, and all the information in here is coming from the CDC. Again you can edit this however you want, you can even edit the tables in here as well, or completely remove the table, whatever it is that you want to add or change, and once you’ve gone in and made all the changes that you want, you’re gonna click “create post,” and now you’ll see when you go back to the insights page, that that article is right here for you to use.

So if you want to then link to this post from the main page of your website you know to say a special message from our CEO, I’m gonna show you how to do that, but you’ll first need to go through the publish step. So in this scenario here, we would come up here to publish, and we will click send for review. So you need to send it off to your compliance team in order for them to publish it. If you are not connected with a broker-dealer on our platform, if you’re an independent RIA, you’re able to self publish right away and we still send you all the review materials that you need. So either way, you want to get this published by going through the appropriate steps. So we’ve got this up to date.

Now let’s say we want to link to it. You’ll see that what we do is we give you this post URL slug. So once your site is published live and this is added, this is the URL that will be added to the end of your website. So if your website was lighthouse it would be and then this URL slug. And the reason that’s important is now even though the website with this new blog post isn’t published yet, we can still go ahead and make updates to the main page to link to that page. So what I mean by that is let’s say we wanted to go in and add something like this “coronavirus update: new office hours and contact information, “we could add all of this in but instead of having it go to contact us and I’ll start from scratch so you guys can see how to make a button, let’s say we want to say a special message from our CEO.

All we’re gonna do is type that out and then you’re gonna select this text here that you want to make into the button, and then you’re gonna click hyperlink. So now if you recall, I said whatever the URL was that you want to link to you’re gonna add in that end of the slug. So let’s say it’s then you would just add the rest of that slug that you copied and pasted from before. So again you’re gonna first put your company’s main domain or URL and then you’re just pasting in the tail of that URL. Again if you’ve any questions at all about this, you can contact our support team but this is how you would do it if the blog post is not published yet. If it’s already published, you would just go to your you know website or blog like you would anything else and choose the article URL and paste that in right.

So if you’ve already published the article live and you’re not waiting for approval, you can go ahead and just add in the live URL, but if you are still waiting for approval then you want to do it this way so that once everything’s approved, you don’t have to come back in here and change or add the URL. So you’ll insert this and now you’ll see that though the text itself is linked, but we can style this to make it look like a button so that really is gonna stand out and be bright and in-your-face right. So then again we’ll go ahead and click Save and now we can go through the publish step and publish this all live.

So again a few recommended changes that I highly suggest everyone make- update your contact page with information about your new office hours or remote location, how people can get in touch with you, and how the families of your clients can get in touch with you and then adding something right on the home page that links to a special update, a blog post, an article that you’re going to keep up-to-date as the situation continues to change over the next few weeks. Again I’m Samantha Russell from Twenty Over Ten, and if you have any questions at all, again this is how you can connect with our team, and we will be here to help you in any way that we can. Thank you all so much and have a great rest of the week.

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