Coronavirus Communication: How Financial Advisors Can Take Email to the Next Stage

In the midst of the pandemic surrounding the coronavirus, there is a lot of uncertainty out there for many people and business owners. However, it’s important to take into account how much more time people are spending online, so it’s essential to boost your digital marketing game. There are many ways to do this, but today we are going to discuss the importance of email marketing and how you can step that up for your clients.

Best Practices for Email Marketing

So, how can you communicate and what are some best practices for doing this?

Make Sure You Keep the Right Tone

The tone that you use is so important right now, as you don’t know what someone is going through. They have sick loved ones, been laid off, or are just trying to juggle homeschooling their children plus their own job,  you just really don’t know what someone is going through. Because of this, the tone is everything. You never want to be seen as taking advantage of the situation for your own benefit, so make sure that is expressing empathy and that you are concerned for your fellow citizens.

Most of us have never experienced anything like this in our lifetime, so there is a lot of fear and anxiety around this situation, so you should never appear to be benefiting or feeding off of this, but rather offering helpful solutions and resources.

When it comes to the correct wording, it’s wise to adapt to the situation and understand that it changes from day-to-day. Provide your customers with all of the information that you have but let them know that.

Lighten the Mood When Appropriate

While this doesn’t mean crack a joke, it’s okay to provide more than just a grim outlook. While putting something funny in your emails would not be appropriate, something that spreads positivity or makes the readers feel good is just fine. Maybe you are creating an email and your spouse is at home trying to balance household chores, their job and homeschooling the children. If one of the children said something funny or positive, then you could share this in your email.

People are looking for solidarity and something that resonates with them at the moment, so if you could share something that any of your readers could relate to, that’s definitely a good idea to get a smile and bring about a sense of peace.

Make Sure you Are Segmenting Lists

Segmenting your lists is very important, as you want to send different content to your readers based on their common qualities. They can include the location, how often they are engaging, where they are in the sales pipeline or any other way that you can figure out how to best tailor your content.

Many times financial advisors segment their client base by business professionals, pre-retirees, retirees, those going through a life transition, but in this time of crisis, the segmentation is often different, and it would be most beneficial to segment it by pain points. What type of advice is someone in need of and what seems to be their biggest problem during this crisis and economic recession?

You can do this easily using the Lead Pilot platform:

To create a custom segment of contacts, follow the below steps:

  1. From the “Contacts” page, click “Segments” beneath the Lead Pilot logo:

2.  Next, click the “Create Segment” button in the top right corner:

Segmenting in Lead Pilot

3. Type in a name for your segment:

Segmenting in Lead Pilot

4. Select whether your segment should include contacts who match “ANY” of the conditions (matches at least 1 condition) or “ALL” (must match exactly all conditions):

Segmenting Lists

5. Click “Add a rule”  to choose from a list of conditions:

Segmenting Lists

In this example, an “Email Address” will be the condition.

6. Type in a value for the condition:

Segmenting Lists

In this example, the value for “Email Address” will be twentyoverten. What gets generated is a segment of with email addresses that contain twentyoverten in them.

7. Click “Preview” to see which contacts match the conditions and will be in the segment:

segmenting lists

8. Click “Settings” to continue making changes to your segment.
9. Click “Add a rule” to create an additional condition.

Segmenting Lists

 In this example, the condition will be LEAD Scores that are above or equal to 75.

10. Next, you have the option of clicking “Preview” again to see what contacts are in the segment. When finished, click the “Create” button in the top right corner to save:

Segmenting Lists

To edit a custom segment of contacts, follow the below steps:

  1.  From the “Segments” page, click on the “…” to the right of the segment.
  2. Select “Edit” from the dropdown:
Segmenting lists

3. Click the “Minus” symbol next to a condition to remove it:

Segmenting lists

4. Click “Add a rule” to create a new condition.
5. Edit existing conditions by clicking and typing.
6. Click the “Save” button to save changes made to your segment:

Segmenting lists

Make it Personal

Once you have segmented your lists, tailoring your message content to specific types of users allows your campaigns to feel like a personalized conversation. Based on who you are sending your newsletter to, provide them with content in the body that will teach them something, as they need to get value out of what you are sending and make them look forward to your next email or newsletter, especially in these difficult times.

Even though, it’s always a good idea to keep your content personal, adding a human touch is even more important right now. People are not able to meet in person for work or social events, so now would be the time to record a video or send something that really speaks to or connects with them. A way to supplement your emails is with very short videos that can be recorded for individual clients. It can be as short as a minute, just something to add some humanity while we are all in quarantine.

Mark Sharp retirement

In the above image, Twenty Over Ten client and Lead Pilot user, Mark Sharp Retirement provides useful content pertaining to the Coronavirus and not only provides factual information in it but putting “A Special Message From Mark” in it makes it seems much more personal and that he truly cares about his clients during this stressful time.

Offer Factual Advice

Make sure you are providing information that is fact-based and that you are checking your stats before putting information out there. There is currently so much about the coronavirus online. You want to be seen as a trusted and helpful resource, so double check your facts and content before putting it out there.

How Lead Pilot Can Help

The above is all possible with the use of Lead Pilot, the inbound marketing solution for financial advisors. This tool has the financial industry’s largest completely customizable library of editorial-style content. With Lead Pilot, your content is:

  • Completely customizable, so you can include your unique voice, add in keywords, and prove your thought leadership.
  • Optimized for the reader and SEO standards.
  • full of stock and social media images selected to match each topic.
  • Easily filterable with content by categories like behavioral finance, insurance, investing, young adults and more.
  • Unique to your target audience with persona filtering for business owners, high-net-worth, millennials and more.

Lead Pilot

What’s even better is that during these unprecedented times, we’re reducing the monthly fee to use Lead Pilot by 50% for the first year of service. If you do choose to continue using this tool, the fee you pay for the first year will be 50% off the list price (after the discount, the fee would be $124.50/month for annual subscription plans, or $149.50 for monthly plans)

The Takeaway

These are unprecedented times, so it’s important that you take measures to communicate the best that you can with your leads and clients. Email marketing can reach thousands of people with a single click, so now is the time to utilize this tool.

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