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8 Ways to Get More Social Media Followers in 2020 (FAST)

Leveraging social media as a business is important, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. This week, Samantha Russell, CMO at Twenty Over Ten, is here to share 8 tips that will grow your social media following instantly.

Video Transcript

How do you grow your social media following? Of course, everyone will tell you you just need to post great content, but what else can you do to quickly get more followers and more exposure for your business in 2020? I’m Samantha Russell from Twenty Over Ten, and today I have 8 tips for you that if you use, it will help you gain more social media followers this year. Okay, so let’s go through all 8 tips one by one.

1. Pick 1-2 Platforms to Prioritize

The first tip, tip number one, is that you want to pick just one to two platforms that you’re really going to hone in on. So think about where your ideal prospects and clients are spending the most time. If you’re working with a lot of pre-retirees, retirees, people that are 50 and older, Facebook is going to be one of the most popular platforms for them. However, if you are really targeting a younger demographic, people under the age of 45, Instagram’s a really popular platform for you to be focused on. If you’re working with young professionals, entrepreneurs, tech executives, LinkedIn would be the place to go. So think about where your audience spends the most time, and then choose just 1-2 platforms. That’s where you’re going to spend the most of your efforts.

2. Connect With Every Client, Prospect, and Meeting You Have

Okay, tip number two. You want to connect with every single client, every prospect you meet. Every time you have a new meeting on your calendar, look up the individual that you met with, and connect with these folks on the platform that you are prioritizing. So for instance, if you’re really going to focus on LinkedIn, after you have a meeting with someone you’re going to go to LinkedIn, type in their name and look them up, and then send them a connection request. This is a really strategic way that’s going to help you very quickly grow the total number of connections you have. So you want to make sure you do this again, with every client, every prospect, and every single meeting that you have. Another thing that you can do to grow quickly is send requests to people that are second degree connections. So if you see that you are connected to someone through a mutual connection, send them a request and say “Hey, I know so-and-so, wanted to add you to my network.”

3. Tag Others in Your Posts

Social media tagging other company in your twitter post


Okay, tip number three. Whenever you post new content, make sure you tag others that would be relevant to that information. So for instance, if you are posting something about estate planning and you work with a local estate planning attorney, tag them in your post and say something about how you can recommend their services. That, in turn will allow that person to like your post much more quickly, to comment on it, and potentially even share it, which will expand the awareness of your brand to all of those that follow that estate planning attorney. So tagging is really going to make the number of people that potentially see your post much, much higher.

4. Reply to Comments Immediately 

Tip number four. Any time anyone leaves a comment for you on anything you post, you want to respond to it as quickly as you can. So the reason behind this is that for all of the social media algorithms, comments are a way that they see engagement. They want to show to their users the most engaging, most relevant content that they think people will like, and a good barometer for that is how quickly a piece of content, a new post, picks up likes, comments, and shares. So when somebody leaves a comment on your new post, you want to respond to that comment as quickly as you can. That’s going to show the algorithm that this is a highly engaging piece of content. Now, you may want to either have somebody on your team set aside time to be responding to the comments right away, or you yourself might just want to post a time of day where you’re available to reply to the comments as quick as possible.

5. Entice People to Leave Comments

Okay, which leads me to tip number five, which is entice people to leave comments on your post. So for instance, if you have a great guide about the post time to take social security, rather than just sharing a link directly to that post, you could create a social media post that says something about why it’s so important to take social security at exactly the right time, the amount of money you could be leaving on the table if you don’t take it at the right time, and that if somebody is interested you have a great 10 step guide to help them take social security at the right time. And if they want to get that guide, they just need to leave a comment below. By putting this explicitly on your post, you’ll get more comments, which again will boost your content in the algorithm so that more people will see it. So this is a great way to generate even more comments, ask for them explicitly.

how to get more comments on social media

6. Leave Comments On Both First and Second Degree Connections’ Posts

Okay, the next thing that you can do is leave comments on first and second degree connections’ posts. So, if you have, again, a person that you work with and they post a great piece of content about taking social security, you could leave a comment on that post saying, “Hey, I actually have a great 10 step guide myself for anyone who’s interested, here it is,” and leave a link to it. So you want to leave helpful comments for people that will show them that you are thought leader and an expert and make them want to click on your profile and check you out and see if you’re somebody they want to follow.

7. Ask Your Friends to Comment

Alright, next tip. You can ask your friends to leave a comment on your post. So if you are about to post something and you really want it to go viral and start trending, you can send a quick message, a direct message, to some people in your network and say, “Hey, when you get a minute can you leave a comment on my last post that I just posted? I’m really trying to get it seen by the most number of people possible.” Usually people are happy to do this, and they will have no problem reciprocating that for you as long as you’re willing to do the same for them. So pick a few people, send them a quick message and say, “Hey, will you leave a comment on my last post?” And you’ll see the engagement start to really take off.

8. Post Helpful, Great Quality Content Daily 

And the last thing which, obviously, is a tip that everybody hears all the time, but it is true: you want to post helpful, great content that will make someone want to follow you. Now one tip I do have about this is, how often should you be posting? I’m going to say daily, and that’s because if you want to be someone that other people want to follow, you have to have a constant, steady stream of quality, relevant content that they will want to engage with. So every single day, you should be posting something new and relevant to your platforms that you’ve chosen that will be educational, inspiring, motivational, something that will make people want to continue to follow and engage you.

If you’re looking for great content that you can share, definitely check out Lead Pilot. There is a fantastic content library there, almost 600 different pieces with 20 new pieces added every month that you can automatically share to your social media profiles. You can customize the content, add your own videos in, your own blog post, but it’s a way to make the automation part and the cadence, keep up the cadence of social media, so much easier. So we will link to that below. I’m Samantha Russell from Twenty Over Ten, and make sure you subscribe to our channel if you find this content helpful because every single week we share a new tip just like this to help you grow your own business. And if you thought this video was helpful, give us a thumbs up and tell us in the comments below, which of these tips did you find to be most helpful to you? Thanks everyone, see you next week.

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