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8 of Our Favorite Financial Advisors on Social Media and What We Can Learn From Them

Social media is an incredibly powerful tool when used well. It’s no longer just used for fun but rather as a way to showcase your brand, drive traffic and connect with other like-minded individuals and businesses.

8 of Our Favorite Financial Advisors on Social Media


LinkedIn is the “most professional” of all the platforms, and it’s a great way to connect with business professionals. In fact, according to HubSpot, LinkedIn is 277% more effective at lead generation than Facebook and Twitter. Here are two advisors who are doing it right on LinkedIn.

Anna Kareis-Financial Advisor at Northwestern Mutual

We are loving the LinkedIn page of Anna Kareis, a financial advisor at Northwestern Mutual. Her banner image is unique and memorable. It tells her audience what she is going to help clients do while using a fun bitmoji of herself. Her profile picture is professional, taken shoulders up and you know right away that the main niche she focuses on is millennials.

Anna Kareis linkedinScrolling down further, the “About” section is extremely robust and details exactly what she does for clients and the step by step when working with her. Also, we recommend that people write in the first person” on their profiles, which she has done.

LinkedIn About section

She is highlighting her top posts in the “Featured” section on LinkedIn, which is a great way to show off posts, articles, images, etc. that you really want your readers to see. It’s free so why not utilize it? Overall, Anna is making great use of her LinkedIn profile.

Anna Kareis Featured in section

Dave Lowell, CFP®- Founder of Up Your Money Game

Stories are becoming increasingly popular on LinkedIn, so we love to see that Dave Lowell is using Stories on his page. His profile picture is professional, and we love the vibrant banner image that includes publications where his firm has been featured.

Dave Lowell linkedinAs you can see below, he posts consistently and his posts get a lot of engagement. Putting thoughtful content out there is a great way to get more comments. He utilizes emojis when appropriate, which is a great way to connect. Dave Lowell

Additionally, he uses images and videos in his posts, as well, and uses personal anecdotes to relate back to an overarching financial theme. Personal stories are much more relatable than many other stories, so by posting something like this, they may strike a chord with some readers where they otherwise might now. So, it’s a great way to tie your stories together where you can.

dave lowell linkedin


Sara Grillo, CFA

When it comes to connecting with journalists and other publications, Twitter is the place to be. Sara Grillo, CFA has a strong presence on Twitter and serves as a marketing consultant for financial advisors.

Sara Grillo twitter

Her banner image is strong and stands out and her “About” section quickly tells what she does while really showcasing her personality. She has included a link to her website so that visitors can click on it and easily find out more. Sara provides marketing and lead generation tactics for financial advisors, and so she uses these keywords in her bio. There are thousands of advisors using Twitter so anything that helps you stand out will drive more traffic to your profile and website.

Your Twitter handle is also important as it’s how people will seek you out on the platform. And she has chosen a handle that includes her name plus a keyword that offers some insight into what she does.

It’s obviously important that you provide your audience with the type of content they want to see. What are their pain points? What advice can you provide to them on your social profiles? Sara provides

Sara Grillo twitter

She has a playful feel to her tweets and while they have a fun feel, they also make the information that she is providing very easy to understand so it easily resonates with advisors.

Mike Kelly, CFP®, CPC-Founder and Principal Advisor at Kelly Financial Planning

Twenty Over Ten client, Mike Kelly, CFP®, CPC of Kelly Financial Planning, has a great Twitter profile with a strong professional photo of Mike for their profile picture with a banner image that includes their brand colors and a picture of the team.

Kelly Financial Planning twitterThe bio is short and sweet, simply saying his position and detailng the services that he provides. As you can see below, he retweets third-party sources that share important information, while also sharing blogs from his own website, which is a great way to drive more traffic to your site.

Mike Kelly twitter


Tapparo Capital Management

Twenty Over Ten client, Tapparo Capital Management has a strong Facebook profile with a beautiful banner image, a quote about the firm plus the name of it. Additionally, the profile picture is professional, as it’s a headshot of Andrew Tapparo, president and founder of Tapparo Capital Management.

Tapparo Capital Management FacebookWe often discuss the importance of a call-to-action and that goes for social media profiles, as well, and right under the banner, visitors have the option to click on a “Contact Us” button, where they will be taken to the contact page on Tapparo Capital Management’s website.

They have included a map and address with an extensive “About” section under that so that visitors know exactly the type of services that they offer. They post consistently with a varying array of topics, both personal and professional.

Tapparo Capital Management Facebook

Truman Wealth Advisors

Twenty Over Ten client, Truman Wealth Advisors is active on Facebook, and we really like the content that they share. As you can see below, they have included a mix of videos, included articles that will help their audience while leading them back to their website and even a personal touch when owner, Mindy McCubbin shares a video with her son.

Truman wealth Advisors facebook

For the banner and the profile image, they have used Mindy’s headshot as the profile picture, which puts a face to the brand and humanizes it, and the banner image has text, “Intentional planning for busy professionals,” so you get a feel for what her firm is about.

Truman Wealth banner image

In addition to sharing a video of her son, she has also included a video of her dog, Rogue. This makes her posts more relatable, as everyone loves seeing peoples’ pets and furry friends!

Truman Wealth Advisors


Chad Chubb CFP®, CSLP®-Founder of WealthKeel, LLC

YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google, so this is a great platform for advisors to be using. Twenty Over Ten client, Chad Chubb, CFP® of WealthKeel, LLC has a strong presence on his YouTube channel. Not only does he have a professional headshot image on his banner but he tells visitors what type of financial planning he offers and shares publications that his firm has been featured in. Additionally, there is a “Subscribe” button in an easy-to-find location to drive more people to their channel.

WealthKeel YouTube channel

Many of the videos on the channel have thumbnails with images that show what the topic will be plus titles. Thumbnails and titles are important as they help readers decide if they should watch your videos. Well-designed thumbnails can attract more viewers while encouraging them to watch your videos since they know what to expect.

In some of his thumbnails, he has included images that add to what the video is about while also including his headshot to build brand awareness. Including your company name and logo is also a good idea, as this all entices visitors to click and find out more.

WealthKeel youtube


Storybook Financial

Twenty Over Ten client, Storybook Financial serves a unique niche and are making a strong presence for itself on Instagram. Did you know that an estimated 71% of US businesses use Instagram? This number is increasing, so it’s a great place to connect with prospects, clients and other like-minded individuals by sharing images, infographics, videos, etc. as it’s a highly visual platform.

Storybook Financial instagram

As you can see above, they have included some personal images of the founder’s daughter with videos, infographics and more.

When it comes to Instagram, there are some tips that you can take in order to grow your presence, and they are:

  1. Ask your followers what they want to learn about
  2. Use stories to talk to your followers
  3. Add story highlights to your profile
  4. Make sure you’re connecting with the right people.

Instagram is a “work in progress” for many advisors, but it’s definitely growing and having a strong presence is a great way to open up your content to a group of people you may not see on other platforms, so Storybook Financial is doing a great job of connecting in Instagram.

That’s a Wrap!

A strong social media presence is so important for connecting with and engaging with others while driving more traffic to your website. It’s truly meant to be social hence the name, so having a strong online presence is so important. If you want to tweak yours or don’t know where to start, we hope that these awesome profiles have given you some inspiration for a stronger social presence.

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