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8 Email Marketing Personalization Strategies Financial Advisors Can Use To Improve Engagement | 2021

Have you ever wondered if the email you’re sending is the right format for your specific audience? Or just simply wondering how to attract more leads and improve engagement? In today’s video In today’s video, Samantha Russell, Chief Evangelist for Twenty Over Ten and FMG Suite shares eight strategies to improve email marketing engagement.

8 Simple Email Marketing Personalization Strategies

Any good digital marketing strategy incorporates email marketing, but if people aren’t opening your emails, then you’re doing something wrong. Today, I’m going to give you eight techniques that you can use to personalize your email to improve both your open rate and your click through rate. I’m Samantha Russell, the Chief Evangelist at FMG Suite and Twenty Over Ten. And Let’s jump right in.

1. Send Emails Using a Name, Not a Brand

So my first tip for you is to send the emails where the sender name. What shows up as the person who’s sending your email is a person, not your brand.

So for instance, if my company was Russell Investments, instead of having the email come from Russell Investments, I’d have it come from Samantha, Russell or Samantha at Russell Investments. The reason for this is simple, and that is is we tend to open emails from people over companies or brands because they’re more personal. So give it a try and see if it helps improve your open rate.

2. Add a Photo To Your Signature

The second thing is to try adding a Photo to your signature. So this is really more not for client emails, but for prospecting. Having a Photo that you include again, just helps. Personalized email helps the person envision who it is that’s emailing them. And then I always like to include a link to my LinkedIn account as well. That way the person can click over and see some of the great content I’ve been sharing and see that connecting with me and continuing to be on my email list is going to be worth their time because of all the great information I’m going to add.

3. Add Emojis To The Subject Line

The third is to try using emojis in your subject line. Now I know. I know so many people are going to tell me I cannot do this. I think it’s just too impersonal, not professional enough, but pay attention to your own inbox. And when you see an emoji in your subject line, you’ll often notice that you pay attention to it because it stands out more. So you don’t want this to get too gimmicky. You don’t need to do it every single time. But using an Emoji in yourself subject line does get more attention. And there was a study that we can link to that showed that emojis could increase open rates by as much as 56%.

So that is a huge number. Some of the more popular ones are just like a smiley face or for airline travel, they’ll often use an airplane. It might be like a little gift present box. You get the idea, but give it a try and see if it helps improve your open rate.

4. Use The Reader’s Name When Appropriate

The other thing is use the Reader’s name to personalize the email wherever it’s appropriate. Right? So if you’re using a digital marketing automation tool like FMG Suite or Twenty Over Ten, you can have it say Hello, Samantha or Hello Joel, the person who’s going to be opening it.

But you can even do that in the subject line with some automation tools. So having that name up here leads the person to think that this email is more personalized to them and it is more catered to their specific needs. And often we’ll get them to pay attention and read it for.

5. Optimize For Popular Email Providers

That leads me to point number five, which is, you always, always want to optimize your emails for the most popular email service providers. So this might surprise you, but the number one email provider in the US is Gmail. I know so many people still think of Outlook is being the most popular, but Gmail takes the cake at 53% of all email accounts and over 130,000,000 daily users. So when you’re setting up your emails and thinking about what it’s going to look like or be rendered on, it really makes sense for you to do a test to somebody in your office, or maybe you set up your own Gmail account, even if that’s not what your company uses. This will help you see how the email will look, how it will render in those Gmail accounts. And one of the best ways to do this is really to keep the subject lines of your emails really short so that they don’t get cut off.

6. Include Video

Okay, the sixth tip is to include a video in your email. Now, videos have been shown to increase clickthrough rate by over 300%. So if you have the word video in your subject line or a new video, or maybe the subject line, and then it has the word video in it, just telling people they’re going to get a video in this email, they’re more likely to click open and watch. One thing to not do, though, is don’t try to actually upload the video in the email itself. You always want to first upload it to something like YouTube, my number one choice, or Vimeo somewhere else where the video will be hosted. Then you want to take a quick screenshot from your video, embed the screenshot in the video, and link the video from the screenshot. This is gonna do two things. It’s gonna give somebody a great preview of what they’re gonna see in the video and make it more clickable for them to want to click and go watch it. So use the word video in your subject line and then include a screenshot and link out from that.

As an example, we follow all of our webinars with a video replay from the, leading advisors directly to a recording:

7. Provide Relevant and Comment on Current Events

Okay, number seven, Tip number seven, Provide relevant articles and comment on current events as much as you can in your email. Evergreen content is nice, but actually, FMG found just this past year that emails that were personalized, written by advisors, not just taking content that had been prewritten and was specific to current events, had five times the engagement rates of those that were not specific to current events and were not personalized. So what we mean by this is if you have a list of people that are already retired and there’s a new law that comes out about minimum distributions that is going to affect that population, you would send that email specifically to that group because it’s pertinent to just them. Versus if you have a list of people that’s more on the young family side, and now there’s this new child tax credit, they would get emails and information about that. So the more personal so you can be and sending current and timely events to that specific audience, the better.

8. Consider Other Forms of Communication

That leads me to number eight, considering other forms of communication. So you don’t just want to personalized email itself, but all of the content you’re creating, so sending a personalized email only works so far as if the content that you’re then linking out to, whether it’s a blog on your website or a video you created is also personalized for a very specific niche. So if you haven’t already got really hyper particular about who you serve and how you can help them so that you can create content that is personalized for them.

If you found this video and all of these eight tips helpful, please give this video a thumbs up and let us know in the comments below which tips you’d like to give a try and join us next week as we share another great digital marketing video to help you power your business.