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8 Creative Social Media Post Ideas Financial Advisors Can Use From Other Industries


Social media marketing is a huge part of your overall strategy, but it can get monotonous day in and day out. It’s important to be consistent, however, with everything else you have going on as an advisor, it can be difficult to stay creative.  From hosting fun quizzes to some sort of poll, there are ways that you can “spice up” your social media feed so that you can start engaging and connecting with others in a more authentic way.  If you are looking to kick your social media posts up a notch, here are 8 ways with examples from other industries.

8 Ways to Spice Up Your Social Media Feed

Gone are the days of bland social posts. With 3.78 billion people on social media in 2021, you have to make it a point to stand out from the competition.

1. Create a Poll

Polls are a great way to create engagement on social media. HubSpot is great on social media, asking questions, sharing creative and compelling content and more. In the below post, they created a poll that not only gets their audience to answer the poll but then continues on by asking why. They ask the question, “What’s the #1 platform for online communities, and why?”

HubSpot Twitter297 people voted, with 9 retweets and comments. It’s great that so many people voted, but by asking the “and why,” this causes them to elaborate beyond a poll, opening up a comment thread that can really help you to gain traction and boost your online presence. Financial advisors can emulate this by creating a poll that may be based on their niche, or ask what their clients want to see from them as an advisor and then ask why. It’s a great way to spur on an open-ended conversation while also finding out more about your prospects and clients.

2. Ask Engaging Questions

Asking questions is one of the best ways to draw in your audience and get them thinking, therefore boosting your engagement. When creating your posts, make sure you are mixing it up, asking both open-ended or close-ended questions, as some people want to provide a longer answer while others may just want to provide a quick one to two-word answer. Asking questions shows that you want to engage and find out more about what your followers think, therefore you are forming a strong relationship with them.

Later has a strong presence on social and they ask a question below to get their audience thinking, “Did you know tweets with video get 10x more engagement than those without?” They are offering useful insight and then offering up more tips to their followers, enticing them to click the link on their page.

Later Social Media

Examples of Advisors Nailing Social Media Posts:

Twenty Over Ten client, Financial Planning Matters has a strong presence on social media, as you can see below their single post asking how COVID-19 has affected Cryptocurrency has warranted 186 “likes,” 6 “comments” and 6 “shares.” By simply asking the question, it has inspired comments, shares and interactions, which will help to boost algorithms and online presence.

Financial Planning Matters Facebook

3. Share a Testimonial About Your Services/Products

With the passing of the newly updated SEC Ad rule on May 4, using testimonials in your marketing became fair game for financial advisors. This is a great way to capitalize on more opportunities. And, as long as compliance standards are met, advisors can leverage online reviews, endorsements, testimonials and performance in their marketing efforts. Share this on your social media pages and this is a great way to show prospects what they can expect when they work with your firm.

HubSpot’s tweet with a testimonial was incredibly simple yet impactful. It got the message across by retweeting one of its customers and sharing the testimonial with its network, which was “HubSpot is my fav thing on the planet.” By sharing this one sentence, others retweeted and shared it with their audience, which in turn will grow HubSpot’s audience. Something as simple as a retweet like that can help.

HubSpot testimonial

As you can see on the Twenty Over Ten Twitter feed below, it is simple to share a testimonial on your social page, as a quote from an advisor about Lead Pilot has been made into an image using Canva and shared on the platform.

Lead Pilot review on TOT twitter

4. Use an Industry Quote

Quotes are simple and can be incredibly effective when done well. In order to drive the point home, make sure you are choosing a quote that relates to your business or industry and create images that will catch the eye of your audience, as CoSchedule has done in the below post. By sharing a quote an image, you may strike a chord with one of your readers, prompting them to comment or even share if they feel that it is relatable to them.

CoSchedule has shared the quote from HubSpot, “61% of marketers say improving SEO and growing their organic presence is their top inbound marketing priority.”

5. Add Some Humor to Your Posts

When people think of financial advisors, they often think of “uptight” or extremely professional, but the industry is changing and so are advisors. Of course, you want to work with someone who is a professional, but this doesn’t mean they have to only use confusing jargon and not have a “real conversation.” Humor cuts through that and lets them see the “real” side of you, which is exactly what most people are looking for, especially if they are looking to form a lasting relationship that will help you and your family to navigate their financial future.

  1. You can use humor to connect with your audience’s interests and relate to them in a “real” way
  2. When discussing what you offer, you can sound casual, as utilizing “jargon” can actually be more offputting and confusing
  3. Show some personality and tell a joke, it’s a great way to make your audience more comfortable

Wendy’s has made quite a name for themselves on their social media accounts. From the unique way that they talk about now items on the menu to their quick wit, they have definitely amassed quite a following and people love to interact with them. Rather than thinking of them as strictly Wendy’s, you think of them as a funny and relatable employee who does a great job running a humorous yet impactful social media account.

Wendy's twitter

Examples of Advisors Nailing Social Media Posts:

Twenty Over Ten client, WealthKeel, LLC is run by Chad Chubb, CFP®, CSLP® and he does a great job of adding humor to some of their Twitter posts. As you can see in his post below, that not every day is a great day at work and he keeps it incredibly real. Balancing family life while working, especially throughout a pandemic can be difficult, and he shows that even as a successful financial advisor, he still has off-days, and we can find humor in that.

WealthKeel Twitter

6. Show the “Behind the Scenes” of Your Company

When people connect with your business on social media, they want to connect with a real person or brand that is human, not just a company without any real connection to the people at the firm. We love seeing behind the scenes, so share pictures of your office, highlight different employees, highlight events and more!

In the picture below, Peak Design has shown the behind-the-scenes of their company so that visitors can see what a “day in the life” looks like at their company. Peak Design Instagram

Examples of Advisors Nailing Social Media Posts:

Twenty Over Ten client, Financial Strategies Group utilizes their Instagram page to not only showcase their services and post relevant content, but they do a great job of giving others a “Behind the Scenes” view of what it is like to work at their company. In the post below, some of the team members can be seen giving back by spending the afternoon at Franklin Avenue Diner making and packing meals for others. They go above and beyond to offer services beyond just financial expertise.

Financial Strategies Group

7. Use Images in Your Posts

According to BuzzSumo, Facebook posts with images receive 2.3x more engagement, increasing the overall quality of the post. And every post on social media should contain an image, as they provide context and are attention-grabbing. They tell a story and give meaning to your post.

Hootsuite Twitter

Hootsuite’s webinar with ZeroFox has an image with bright colors, the date and time, the speaker, the title and an image. It is eye-catching, making the reader want to stop scrolling to find out more, rather than just seeing wording with an image.

Examples of Advisors Nailing Social Media Posts:

Twenty Over Ten client, Kelly Financial Planning retweeted this post from an interview with Innovating Advice. They have included Mike Kelly, CFP® headshot in bright colors with a quick recap about what the interview was about, drawing more attention to the post.

Kelly Financial Planning

8. Live Tweet From an Event

If you attend an industry event or conference that your audience would be interested in, then posting and live-tweeting would be a great idea. Some of the things that you can do are:

  • Share strong quotes from speakers
  • Share your thoughts on the event
  • Share some tidbits that you have learned

It’s a great way to engage with your audience while at a live event, giving them updates at the moment.

That’s a Wrap!

Think you have got what it takes to create strong social media posts and start engaging with more people? Of course, you do! Social media doesn’t have to be daunting, and in fact, you can have fun with it. Draw on examples from accounts in other industries that are killing the social media game, and this is a great way to start to mix up your content and start connecting and engaging with a broader audience.

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