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7 Effective Social Media Post Ideas for Financial Advisors

Your firm’s social media presence makes a difference. In fact, almost 2/3 of people will visit a company’s website after seeing its Instagram; and as a financial advisor, your website serves to draw prospects into the marketing funnel. Yet it’s not enough just to know you should be putting out unique, original content. There comes a point where you have to turn that knowledge into action- and coming up with original ideas, especially for social media posts, isn’t always easy.

Social media strategy is most effective if you post regularly, ideally every day. Keeping the idea generation flowing gets hard, even for the most experienced social media content specialists. If you want to grow your digital presence yet struggle to come up with ideas consistently, consider these 7 examples of financial advisors taking their businesses to social media.

1. Promote Your Firm’s Event

Financial advisory firm Scott advisory group event on Facebook

In this great Facebook post from Scott Advisory Group, the firm invites any women with questions pertaining to finances to join them at their upcoming event. The caption is welcoming, friendly and specific to a certain audience. The link embedded allows viewers to sign up for the event with just a few clicks.

Promoting any upcoming events your firm is involved with is easy and effective social media content. These “events” could even include webinars or community events your firm is taking part in. Doing this not only gets the word out, but it builds your social media portfolio and shows prospects what kinds of resources and events you typically offer.

2. Share Timely Content

If you’re unsure about what types of topics to post about on social media, simply look at the world around you. Recent research has shown that investors want to speak with their financial advisors about economic events and their financial impacts.

COVID-19 effect on mortgage social media post on LinkedIn

Think about what’s going on in the world. Then think about what questions those current events raise for your clients, and then connect your audience to resources that will answer those questions. The example above links to a blog post about the effect of coronavirus on mortgage rates, and the below example brings up a hot topic- the election- and connects it with the stock market.

Presidential elections and the stock market blog content post on LinkedIn

3. Give the Audience a Glimpse Into Your Life

Premier Wealth Advisors Instagram post

Prospects want to see that you’re people, too. In this Instagram post, Premier Wealth Advisors makes light of the pandemic-induced situation by sharing a fun Zoom screenshot of their team. When you find yourself overthinking social media, don’t be afraid to have a little fun with it. Share about a fun vacation you went out, highlight one of your team members or share some pictures of an office party. These types of posts go a long way in displaying your brand’s personality.

4. Share Relevant Statistics or Infographics

Branson financial planning twitter post infographic education

If you find a great infographic or statistic that communicates information your audience could find helpful, utilize it as a social media post. In this Twitter example, the advisor reels readers in with a great hook related to the infographic he’s sharing. The infographic then actually links to a landing page on the firm’s website, driving more traffic and potentially capturing the attention of new prospects.

Also note that the advisor uses the hashtags his target audience would use, which ensures that the right people get their eyes on your content.

infographic for financial advisors about paying for children's education

For these kinds of posts, you don’t have to overdo it. A simple hard-hitting statistic, such as in the example below, demands attention and- as you can see from the overwhelming response to this post- drives engagement.

Christine Luken LinkedIn post financial advisor statistic

5. Post Market Updates Regularly

Sage Wealth Planning weekly stock market update on Facebook

A lot of social media success comes with getting into a routine with your social media strategy. An easy way to do this is by designating a certain day each week to sharing the same type of content- in this case, a weekly stock market update.

Routines such as this hold you accountable in addition to getting followers to anticipate the posts each week. Ready-to-use weekly stock market updates can be found in Lead Pilot’s content library, curated specifically for financial advisors.

6. Utilize Video On Social Media

video content on Instagram Storybrook Financial advisors

Most social media platforms, including Instagram, as seen above, allow you to share videos. Video is a powerhouse mode of communication for your marketing– so it’s always a great option.

Whether the video is someone else’s content you found helpful, a snippet from a YouTube video you shared or a highlight from a webinar you hosted, video content is sure to grab the attention of your prospects.

7. Get Your Social Media On a Schedule

WealthKeel weekly post on Twitter Chad Chubb

Again- a successful social media strategy is founded on routine. It requires planning, often in the form of automation, and it requires persistence. In the example above from WealthKeel, Chad Chubb regularly supplies a comprehensive social media post with all the firm’s essential updates. In every post of the “WealthKeel Weekly,” he also includes a link to subscribe to the firm’s newsletter. This is a great practice- you never know at what point in time a prospect will come across your social media. Always offer resources to engage with your firm.

social media post ideas for financial advisors

Another great example of creating a recurring feature on your social media channels comes from Mark Sharp, CFP® RICP® EA. In the example above you can see how he’s developed a “Friday Retirement Fact” that gets shared on his social channels every Friday that includes one quick fact about retirement. We love that Mark has chosen to create a catchy graphic to include with each of his posts and keeps the fact sharing relevant, short and to the point but impactful.

Social media is a game of strategy, but it’s also one of creativity. Sometimes coming up with ideas seems impossible. Sometimes the ideas you come up with don’t pan out the way you want them to. Keep at it, get inspired and be patient to see the results you want.

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