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6 Ways Advisors Can Use Video in Email Marketing to Supercharge Engagement

Separately, video and email marketing are two of the most effective marketing strategies you can employ. When you use video content, your audience retains 95% of the information– that number drops to 10% if they’re simply reading text. Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean mediums such as email are worthless. Quite the opposite: 80% of professionals agree that email marketing increases customer retention.

With all that in mind, now consider how impactful video and email can be when used together. Incorporating video into your email marketing plan is a great way to repurpose content, generate leads and keep your current clients engaged. Here are 6 ways you can do just that.

1. Make an Announcement

Chances are, your newsletter subscribers are the first to hear any announcements your firm makes. The strategy for this one is simple: simply make your announcement using a short video. This is one of the easiest ways to incorporate video into your email marketing without ramping up your workload. When sharing any news with your subscribers, think about how you could make it a video instead.

Chatterton and Associated financial planning events

In this example from Chatterton & Associates, they recap a community event organized by their firm. This is one of many ways you could transform an announcement into a video. Going off of this example, consider pre-event planning: you can announce your event with a video. If it’s a charity event, you can share a quick video about the organization.

The possibilities are endless, and utilizing video for these firm-specific purposes is more personal and more memorable.

2. Repurpose Valuable Content

Of course, you can craft completely original content for your newsletter- but, understandably, that can be a lot to forgo week after week. If you’re trying to convey a message specific to your clients’ financial needs, you can compress that information into a video. Even more, you can build that content from content you’ve already made.

For example, do you have a great blog post on your website with information pertinent to your clients? You can link to this in your email, but you can also use this blog post as a template to record a quick video. As mentioned before, an audience will better retain information if you deliver it through video- and if they better retain that helpful information, they’ll more strongly associate you with it.

Video content ideas scripts and free content on lead pilot

If you’re struggling with ideas, Lead Pilot carries an entire library of customizable content that can essentially serve as ready-made scripts for a 2 or 3-minute video, not to mention other videos that you can also share in your emails.

3. Curate Lead-Specific Content

Many of your subscribers are clients- but many of them are leads, too. They may be people that entered your database because they were interested in your newsletter, or a lead magnet you offered, or they attended a webinar of yours.

Regardless, it’s exceedingly useful to use video to nurture these leads. One of the simplest ways to do this is by making a video you can repurpose over and over again: an introduction video. Instead of sending a bare stock email introducing yourself and your firm, use a video. It always makes things more personal, and you can leverage it to display more of your personality.

Weiss Financial Group YouTube introduction

Moreover, be sure to use email segmentation to send drip campaigns to specific demographics of your email list. This ensures that you can send prospects separate email information than your long-term clients if need be. You can even organize a video-integrated drip campaign that is specific to leads, addressing the biggest financial questions your clients often have.

4. Send Webinar Replays

Again, this is a simple one, yet very effective. After hosting or participating in a webinar, include a webinar replay in your weekly newsletter. You can post the whole thing to YouTube and simply embed it into your email, or you could create “highlights” to share.

Finity Group LLC Webinar Replay Financial Advisor

It’s especially important to share a webinar replay after the fact with those who actually attended the webinar concerned. This is a great way to follow up and encourage further engagement.

5. Do a Stock Market Summary

Many financial advisors, as part of or separate from their newsletter, share a regular stock market summary. This is a great option for any advisory firm, especially if you already send stock market updates and don’t have the free time to produce a pile of original video content to pull from.

With this, as in most forms of video, the options are vast. If you send an extensive, quarterly stock market summary, think about supplementing it with a brief video breaking down the main points. If you send a short, weekly summary, you can instead explain it in video form in order to curate more video content.

Stock Market Update Financial Advisor video

6. Have Fun

You don’t need to use video to pump out financial information all the time- remember that it’s one of the best ways to display your personality and allow clients and prospects to really get a sense of who you are.

WealthKeel Financial Advisor Vlog Youtube

If you’re stuck on video content, simply share some tidbits of your life outside of advising, or even create a short “employee spotlight” video. These more fun, playful videos are great to add on to the end of an email. Not only are they fun for others to watch, but they’ll most likely be fun for you to make, too.

Both video marketing and email marketing can seem daunting- but they’re truly not as scary as they seem. By using video in your email marketing strategy, you encourage more engagement, send clearer messages and subsequently get better results. If you’re struggling with the technical side of incorporating video into your emails, feel free to reference this comprehensive blog we have all about incorporating video into emails and landing pages.

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