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6 Tips to Get More Followers to Your Facebook Business Page

Facebook is a great tool for financial advisors to connect with clients, increase lead generation, and boost their online reputation. However, in order for your Facebook Business Page to be successful, you have to put effort into making sure you understand the best ways to boost your social media presence and get more followers on Facebook.

 87.1% of U.S. marketers will use Facebook marketing in 2020.

6 Tips to Increase Your Facebook Followers

1. Add Facebook Icon to Your Landing Pages

Linking to your social media on your landing pages is a great way to increase followers. You can also add links to your social accounts on your blogs and the footer of your emails. Having social links ultimately helps encourage people to visit your social media accounts. Let’s face it, current and prospective clients don’t want to search around to find you on social media. Instead, they want it to be simple and easy for them to view your social media accounts. This is why adding buttons that link to your social accounts on your website and landing pages will increase the likelihood that people will visit your social media because you are simplifying the process of finding your business on social media.

In the example below, Lead Pilot user, Able Wealth Management, incorporates links to their three social media accounts on their landing page. This is an easy way to get more traffic to your social media accounts and build your followers.

Here’s how to add your social links on your landing pages with the Lead Pilot platform:

In the “Link URL” field, enter the URL to your social network page, starting with https:// (e.g. _______ as the URL for the Facebook icon):

10. Click “Add Link” to repeat the process with your remaining social networks.

2. Boost a Post

Maybe you just wrote a killer Facebook post but not many people have seen it, now what? Insert: boosting posts on Facebook. Boosting your social media posts is a marketing strategy that is used to increase the number of people who see your content in their newsfeeds. Essentially, you pay to have your posts show up as sponsored content in people’s newsfeeds. Boosting the post can help you reach new people who may like your content. In addition, they may share your content with friends which will help you build your followers.

In the example below, on Twenty Over Ten’s Facebook Page you can see how there is the option in the bottom right corner in the blue box to “Boost Post”. If you are looking for a cost-effective way to heighten your social media and get your content in front of more people, boosting your Facebook posts is the way to go.

3. Tag Other Pages in Your Posts

When you tag other pages, your posts appear on their wall which may spark interest for your brand. In addition, keep in mind that social media engagement works both ways. If you want people to engage with your content you need to actively engage with theirs and share theirs as well. By tagging other pages in your Facebook posts, they will be more likely to tag you in theirs which will get your name in front of more Facebook users and increase your followers.

In the example below, Twenty Over Ten shares an article on Facebook from the Financial Planning Association and tags them. Sharing other people’s content is a great way to develop relationships and network within your industry as well.

4. Get Social!

Leave insightful comments on other facebook posts and pages that are in the niche you serve. This will help you grow your Facebook network and build more connections that will ultimately lead to more Facebook followers. Having good social requires that you regularly and intentionally engage with other people’s content.

In addition, reviewing your social media analytics will help you determine which kinds of content your current clients and prospects prefer to engage with. Once you have concluded what your niche audience likes to see in their newsfeeds, you can post more content similar to that. Not only will they engage with your content more, but they will share it with their followers as well.

Tracking your social media analytics is simple and easy with the Lead Pilot platform. The “Insights Dashboard” is home to Lead Pilot’s analytics and features to help you stay on top of your social media:


Data on how your landing pages and shares have been performing


Running list of content shares, subscriber sign-ups, and LEAD score jumps


Collection of blogs specific to online marketing and lead generation

5. Join Relevant Groups

Finding groups on Facebook to join that are relevant to your niche audience is a great way to build your followers. There are countless groups on Facebook that you can join. Not only is it a great way to grow your network, but you can also gain insight from others within your industry and bounce ideas off of each other.

In the image below, you can see that if you search “financial advisors” you then have the option to see different groups that are associated with the search. If you click on “Groups” it will show you all the relevant groups that Facebook thinks you would want to join based on your search. Once you join groups that are of interest to you, you can share your content and ideas to prove yourself as a thought leader within your industry. People within your group can then share your content so it’s a great way to spread your expertise and prove your value with other Facebook users.

6. Get Personal

Link to your company page from your personal page. You can also invite your personal friends to like your business page. In the example below, you can see on Twenty Over Ten’s Facebook Page that there is the option in the right bottom corner to invite your personal Facebook friends to like Twenty Over Ten. This is a great way to grow your followers. In addition, you can also encourage your friends to share your content with their followers. This will get your content in front of even more Facebook users.

Last But Not Least

Having a strong social media strategy takes a lot of work. But, with some trial and error, you will determine the best ways for you to increase your followers. If you want to increase your followers it’s important that you continually work to build your Facebook network and to build connections with those in the same industry as you. We hope that these 6 simple and easy tips help you optimize your Facebook to bring you more followers.

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