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6 Steps for Financial Advisors to Boost Their Social Media Strategy

If you don’t have social media in your marketing strategy, then you need to include it ASAP. It’s an integral way to connect with other businesses and potential clients online. On average, internet users have 5.54 social media accounts, and the average time a user spends a day on social is 116 minutes!

With those types of statistics, it’s safe to say that you really need to be utilizing social media as a financial advisor. With everything that you already have on your plate, however, it can be hard to get started! Don’t worry though, because we have got 6 steps for you to really step up your social media strategy game.

Social Media Strategy Tips

Not quite sure where to start? Do you feel as though you already have too much going on? Well, don’t worry! We are ready to kick-off things off for you.

1. Set Goals

This step is so important, you need to give your plan some thought and set goals before you can begin your strategy. Why are you going to be using social media in the first place, and how will it improve your business? Figure out exactly what you want to do, otherwise, your strategy will lack the guidance it needs to be productive. Just think through what you ultimately want to achieve. Do you want to increase traffic? Make people more aware of your brand? Whatever it is, pinpoint what you want, that way you can tailor your plan in the most effective way!

2. Learn Everything You Can About Your Audience

It’s important that you understand which platform will drive the most engagement from your audience. Who are you trying to target? Are you going to be trying to connect with working mothers in their mid-40s, or pre-retirees in their early 60? Maybe, you want to reach someone who just graduated from college. Whatever it may be, you can see that these are all going to be very different audiences, and you will have to modify how you interact with them on social media.

Twitter has 326 million active Twitter users, and 37% are between the ages of 18-29. These are the types of statistics that you need to be researching when deciding which platform will best serve you and the type of content that you should be putting out there.

Twitter statistics

Facebook has 80 million small to mid-sized businesses that use its platform. That’s a huge chunk! It shows you that being active on Facebook is no longer just a “fun” activity, but businesses are really working hard to connect with others and promote their brand.

Also, many people are saying that Facebook is gravitating towards an older audience, but still, 35% of Facebook’s ad audience is under 35.

Facebook Statistics

When it comes to LinkedIn, if you are an advisor, you NEED to be on it! It is the number one channel to distribute content.

It is also considered to be the most effective platform for Business to Business lead generation.

3. Set Up Your Accounts or Improve Existing Accounts

Obviously, if you don’t have a social account on a certain platform yet, then you need to set one up! If you do, but maybe you haven’t been very active, that is okay, just work to improve the ones that you already have. Clean up your profile, and be sure that you are not only posting but also interacting and engaging.

Determine which Networks to Use
As mentioned above, different audiences frequent different platforms, and you need to determine which network is best for your business.

Try to focus on very specific goals and find which one is best for you.

Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are considered “The Big Three” on social media, so many companies are on both. However, you don’t have to be! It’s totally okay to only be on 2 or even 1 of these platforms. It’s all about determining what is best for your company. It’s a game of trial and error.

Set up and Optimize your Accounts

Once you know which platforms to use, you need to optimize your accounts! This can start as basic, such as filling out profile fields, making sure that you use strong keywords, and don’t forget about images!

They need to be correctly sized for each platform and remember that up to 70% of web traffic happens on a mobile device. This shows the importance of why your platforms and advisor website needs to be mobile-friendly. If something isn’t loading well on the consumers’ device, then they will most likely leave your site and head over to that of a competitor!

4. Create a Content Calendar

It’s important to keep track of how you will be scheduling your social posts. We know you are extremely business as a financial advisor, so if you create a calendar to help you to keep track, this will really serve you well in your social.

As mentioned before, be sure that you are creating different types of content for the different platforms since you will generally be speaking to a different audience. Do you have to remember to tweet constantly or post on Facebook? No! That would be overwhelming, so it’s important to use scheduling tools once you have your calendar planned.

On Lead Pilot, you can share your content on social by following these steps. Once you’ve finished creating your post or have selected something from our “Explore Content Library” to customize, click the “Share” button at the top of the “Edit Draft” or “Preview Content” side window:

Next, a “Share Settings” side window will take its place:

Next, toggle a network on (green) to add as a share destination. Toggle off (grey) to remove as a share destination:

To post your content, click “Post” to share immediately:

If you want to share your content for later, you can do that by selecting “Schedule for Later”:

5. Post & Engage

Social media is all about “give and take.” Just like you would engage in regular conversation when face-to-face, you do the same over social media. Make sure that you are not only creating awesome content to put out there, but also taking an interest in what others have to say.

Just like interpersonal relationships that require attention and patience, so do your ones on social media! Be sure that you are humanizing yourself and putting a face behind the brand. Interact and show that you are generally interested in what your visitors have to say.  Also, don’t forget about the importance of timing! Do not wait 3-4 days to respond to a comment, be sure that you do it as soon as you can! It’s best to respond within a few hours if you can and be sure that your comments are sincere.

Also, keep in mind the type of content that you are putting out there. It all serves a purpose, so it should be created to obviously help your business to soar. The tips below should help you to understand the type of content that you should be creating. ✍🏻

  • 50% of Content Should Drive Traffic to your Blog
  • 25% of Content Should come from 3rd Party Sources
  • 20% of Content Should Support your Business Goals
  • 5% of Content Should be HR & Company Culture Related

6. Test, Evaluate & Refine

Just like anything, things take time! Even though it is about trial and error, there definitely needs to be a method with how you do things!

How will you know what you need to improve or keep the same if you aren’t measuring your progress on a regular basis? The numbers don’t lie, which is why it’s so important to use Google Analytics to see how your company is measuring up to other businesses!  This is a great and free tool that can help you to understand how your website is operating, just helping you to more effectively drive traffic to your site and thus gain more clients.


We hope that this has given you a basis for getting started with your social media strategy! It seems like a lot but by following these 6 steps, it will be no time before you have a strong social strategy that will really serve as a cornerstone for an awesome marketing strategy! Be patient with yourself, and just remember to be sure to test things out. Practice makes perfect, and this goes for your advisory business, as well! Who knows, you might even start to have some fun with it!


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