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5 Ways To Use Personalization In Your Marketing

With so much technology available today, personalization is becoming faster and easier. Personalizing your marketing efforts is a powerful way to connect with current and prospective clients if done right.

Personalization is beneficial

First things first though, in order to personalize, you HAVE to really hone in on who your target audience is. Think about it – how can you personalize if you don’t even know who you are personalizing it to. You’ll want to consider a variety of factors, like age, gender, income, location, interests and pain points. Once this is solidified, you can start to strategize what types of content will resonate best with your audience type. Below we will outline 5 ways to use personalization in your marketing.

1. Personalized Email

When it comes to email personalization, it’s all about using data and information about a customer to send them relevant and engaging content. Personalized emails have tremendous benefits. In fact, According to an Experian research, email personalization drives 6x higher transaction rates. There are three key points that make up a personalized email:


You want to make sure that the content you are sending is relevant to your audience’s needs and pain points. For example, you wouldn’t want to email one of your pre-retiree clients an infographic on how to save for college. Instead, maybe you know that one of your pre-retiree clients is considering moving abroad once he/she retires. With this intel, you could send them some content you wrote on the top retirement destinations.


You want to send content that your audience in in interested in in a timely manner. If your audience seems interested in you, take action before its too late. For example, if someone is looking at a particular service on your website, you can send them content right away that gives more information about that service.

From one person to another:

A large part of personalized emails is that the email comes from a person rather than the business. In addition, it is just as important to use the receiver’s name in the opening line of your email.

In 2013, 84% of all email traffic was spam so important to be seen in the sea of flooded inboxes and create that personal connection with your clients and prospects.

2. Personalized CTAs

Your landing page CTAs should have one purpose and one purpose only – to convert visitors. Generic CTAs like “download now,” “schedule a call,” “click here,” are okay, but personalizing them can improve your conversion rates even more. According to Hubspot, personalized calls to action perform 202% better than basic CTAs. You can see this below, where “Smart CTA” refers to personalized CTA’s.

Think about what brought your visitor to your landing page in the first place. For example, if your landing page content is sharing tax tips to avoid an audit, it’s likely that the visitor was searching for help in that area. So your CTA for that landing page could be something like “download our tax audit checklist.”

You can create and customize landing pages in Lead Pilot! The landing page style, logo, content, sidebar, subscriber form, footer, etc can all be customized and edited to match your preferences.

Customize style:

Customize subscriber form:

For more information on how to customize your landing page, visit our landing page section on our Lead Pilot help center.

3. Personalized Content

Personalizing your content is the new standard in marketing. It’s basically become necessary to grab your audience’s attention in today’s day and age.

personalized content performs better

If you don’t personalize content, customers are less likely to engage with it. In fact, 74% of customers feel frustrated when website content is not personalized.

A great place you can start to personalize content is by using content libraries. Lead Pilot offers a vast content library filled with articles and infographics. In addition, Lead Pilot will soon offer videos and interactive quizzes. The great thing is that you can take this content and customize it any way you want. By tailoring your content to be more personal to your audience and address their pain points, it will set your firm apart from the competition.

4. Personalized Landing Pages

Another great way to personalize your marketing is by adding a customized sidebar to your landing pages. We make it easy for you to add and customize your sidebar through Lead Pilot. Through our platform, you can add your personal picture, link to your social profiles, add a description, etc. This gives your landing pages more of a personal feel as viewers will be able to put a face to the content that they are reading.

For more information, visit how to customize your landing page’s featured sidebar

5. Embrace Interactive Content

Lastly, in order to personalize your marketing efforts, embrace interactive content. This content can include things such as videos, quizzes, polls, etc. Interactive content lets you engage with your audience on a deeper level compared to static content such as blog posts. Videos and other interactive content will soon be available on Lead Pilot!

Trust us. Personalization is worth every minute of your time. While it may seem like putting this much time and effort into creating personalized content isn’t worth it. think again. According to a Forrester report, the single thing that separates Amazon from other companies is mastery of personalization. While you may not be Amazon, you can emulate its winning practices.


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