5 Ways Financial Advisors Can Make Their Clients Feel Loved This Valentine’s Day

As a financial advisor, it is so important to create and maintain strong relationships with your clients. After all, you are not only going to be working with them but more than likely, also get to know their family members and hopefully work with this client for a long time as you help them on their journey towards financial freedom.

With that being said, there are some little ways that you can make them feel special and show that you really care, and what better time to do that than on Valentine’s Day? We’ve got 5 ways to make your clients feel loved every day of the year but especially today on Valentine’s Day!

5 Ways to Make Your Clients Feel Appreciated

1. Simple Gifts

Many times, clients expect gifts around Thanksgiving and Christmas, so if you send a little something to them on Valentine’s Day, that will make you really stand out and show that you care about them and their business. It doesn’t have to be over the top by any means, as a small gesture can really go a long way.

Some examples of good things to send to your clients could be some cookies or chocolates/candy, a nice bottle of wine, baked goods from a local bakery, as it’s always a good idea to get something local for them. You may be in the same area as your clients, but if not, and you research local bakeries, etc., then this is a great example of putting in the extra effort.

Another thing to remember is that when you are sending your gifts, make sure that it looks professional and it stands out and be sure to include your logo on it, as well, just as another way to brand your firm.

2. Free Resources

By simply providing useful and FREE resources on your website, you are really helping out your clients. This is the gift that keeps on giving, especially if you are updating your blog regularly with useful and relevant content that will help your visitors and clients with any of the financial questions that they may have. Also, if visitors can easily sign up for a newsletter on your website, then this is just another opportunity to send blogs, articles, videos, infographics, whatever you think will benefit them!

Another great thing to include on your website is to offer visitors a freemium. By providing them something like this, it shows that you have useful information to offer and that you are willing to share this information to help your clients with their financial needs. It may also make leads realize that if you are willing to put this on your website for free to anyone that lands on your website, think about how valuable the information will be once they become actual clients.

Drucker Wealth Bag Lady Syndrome

In the example above, Twenty Over Ten client, Drucker Wealth Management, offers the first chapters of their book download, “How To Avoid Bag Lady Syndrome” at the bottom of their homepage in exchange for contact information. It’s as simple as that!

3. Be Sure to Thank Them

Something as simple as thanking your clients for doing business with you can really go a long way. Simply shooting over an email is a nice gesture after working with them, but if you really want to go the extra mile this Valentine’s Day, then a handwritten note or card is a great idea, or maybe a gift card to Starbucks or a local coffee shop.

Handwritten notes are slowly becoming a thing of the past, so sending your clients one will really mean a lot and show them how much you care.

4. Ask for Feedback then Act Upon It

When you ask your clients for feedback, it shows that you really care about their opinion and that you want to serve them to the best of your ability.  If you proactively ask for feedback, then it will highlight areas where you’ve done well and others where you can improve, and good for your client because they get the chance to let you know what they think.

There are various ways that you can get feedback, and they can be done by using surveys, such as Survey Monkey, questionnaires through email or social media, and then once they have provided their feedback, make sure that you act upon it and work to better yourself and your firm.

5. Provide a Bit Extra

If you offer just a bit more to the clients that have been with you for a long time, that will really mean a lot. Additionally, if a client is new or you are getting some new leads, if you offer some sort of discount, that is a great way to get new people to sign up at a lower price. Prices aside, if you can provide just a bit more on top of the excellent services that you are already providing, that can go a long way.

Lead Pilot

In the above image, “early adopter discounts” are provided for people who sign up early. It’s a great way to provide a bit more but also to prompt users to go ahead and “take the plunge” by signing up for your services or to work with your firm.

Another thing to remember is to do things, such make sure you answer emails and voicemails promptly, try to get your work back them ahead of schedule, as that will really mean a lot plus you will be able to work out any “kinks” that may arise. Always give 110% no matter what day of the year it is.

Are You Showing Love to your Clients?

These are simple gestures that can really go a long way. It’s all about customer service, building and maintaining stronger relationships with clients. Even though things are changing, with inbound marketing strategy and other tactics, but a lot of financial advisors new clients are built on referrals, so if you really impress your current clients, they are bound to tell their contacts about you, resulting in more leads and more clients. So, this Valentine’s Day, make sure you spread the love and show your clients just how important they are to you.

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