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5 Surefire Ways to Get Better Results from Your Blog Posts

You know that having a strong blog on your advisor website is so important when it comes to driving traffic to your site. When trying to increase SEO, there are different ways, but today we’re going to discuss using blog posts to do this.

It can often be hard to figure out the best way to increase SEO for your advisor website, as this is something that is always changing, but one thing is for sure, and that is that you need to create awesome content to drive visitors to your site. Search engines, such as Google, will crawl your site, so you need to continue to create things that will make them increase your SEO ranking. If we are focusing on the blog section of your site, what’s the best way to do this? Check out the 5 tips below!

5 Ways to Get Strong Blog Results

There are many ways to utilize your advisor website, and creating killer content is one of them. Check out the 5 ways to get better results from the blog section of your website.

1. Have a Niche

If you cater to a niche demographic, you might think that you are limiting to yourself to a smaller field of clients, but in actuality, it helps your business out a lot! You get much more bang for your buck and your marketing dollars will definitely gain value.

C.L. Sheldon & Co. Blog section
In the above image, C.L. Sheldon & Company’s blog section is great because it is updated regularly, as well as, the topics cater to  their very specific niche of serving active and retired military members.

By having a niche, however, it doesn’t mean you can stop there! You need to create awesome content to drive traffic to your website. Why should you do this?

  1. You can help to generate more leads to your website
  2. Increase SEO in niche-specific searches
  3. Show that you are an expert in the field
  4. Grow better relationships

You can become an expert in the field by creating timely content that is informative and creative. It’s good for your visitors to leave your webpage having learned something new. Make sure that you use keywords that will help you to show up for search engines and write about timely topics and things in your specific niche.

2. Write Better Headlines

Like we briefly touched on in the first paragraph, it’s important to incorporate keywords into the body of your work and that goes for using strong headlines, as well. Words that you want to help you rank highly should always be incorporated into the headline of the blog.

Headlines are meant to capture attention and draw in your audience immediately. What are some ways that you can capture the attention of your audience?

Engaging Women in Wealth
In the above image, Engaging Women In Wealth has a strong blog section with titles that really capture the attention of their readers. They also do a good job of using numbers in their headlines, as well.

Invoke curiosity

Since people are naturally curious, entice them by having information that proves you have valuable knowledge that will help them in the future.

Act like the title is exclusive

If you create a sense of urgency or act like what you have to offer is exclusive or rare, then people will be more likely to sign up for what you are offering in case they think that they will miss out on something.

Include numbers in your headline

Since many people read quickly and scan over the material, so if you include numbers then it helps for the headline to stand out more.

Incorporate an element of surprise

If you surprise your visitors, then this will grab their attention right off the bat. It’s a great tactic to reel them in. Using some type of surprising quote or statistic is a great way to do this.

Ask a question

Asking a question makes your audience think about what they are doing. This will cause the reader to think of ways in which the content relates to them and make them more likely to take the next step.

Give them something of value

Promise value from the start so that the reader knows that they will ultimately get something out of this. 

3. Incorporate Header Tags

You might be asking what a header tag is. Well, it’s an HTML tag that is a fragment of code that communicates to the web browser how to display content. There are six different heading HTML tags, starting at <h1> and going up to <h6>.

You want your blog readers to be able to easily scan your content, therefore staying on your website for longer. This will draw them in more, as well as, increase your search engine rankings since they will be on your site for longer. Heading tags are a leading factor in SEO ranking and are predicted to be long-living influential factors to ranking in search engines. Additionally, you should include keywords in your headers as this is a great way to increase SEO.

JQR Capital blog

In the above blog from JQR Capital, it’s quite obvious what the blog will be about based on the header, “What Is Bitcoin?

How do you include them on your website?

Your <h1> tag should describe what the page or blog post is about in a nutshell. The h1 tag gives the reader a strong sense of what he or she is going to read.

How do you optimize them?

If you make your header tags more localized, then this is a great way for search engines to “crawl” your website and prioritize your site over similar websites.

4. Increase Your Cadence and Posting Frequency
It is important that you have some type of order in the content that you are posting. If you have a blog section that is meant to drive traffic to your site and teach some visitors something, then you need to be sure that you aren’t going weeks without a post.

If someone were to visit your website and find your blog content helpful, maybe they had a specific question in mind about investing, then when another question arose, they would probably come back. That’s why it is important to post your blogs on a regular schedule. If they came back several times and there was no new information, they would quickly lose interest and probably quit visiting your site.

For example, if your niche focuses on women in business, then stay up to date on what is happening in the news for this specific topic as that could always be used for timely subject matter. You never know when you may find some post-worthy material that you can share from a third-party source. Also, they will be able to see that you shared their content, which will make them much more likely to share yours in the future. This is a type of “networking” online and is a great way to make more contacts in your field.

5. Include Images and Videos

If you are searching the internet trying to find information, what is going to draw you in more…pages with nothing but words or a vivid image? Obviously, a strong image is going to draw you in and help you remember what you saw easier than just words.

Additionally, videos are a great way to include information in a different type of way than usual and break things up from the “norm.”

Incorporating Images

How many times have you heard the old saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words?” It’s no secret that images are extremely engaging and a very important part to use as a part of your online marketing strategy. Why should you incorporate them into your work?

  1. They help to break up the text.
  2. They provide examples to portray what you are saying.
  3. They make words become relatable when you use client examples.
  4. If you use the alt tag, they can increase SEO.
  5. If discussing employees at your firm, try to use real images instead of stock photos.

Incorporating Videos

Are you looking for unique ways to reach out to prospects? Video is increasingly becoming a very important marketing tactic. Using this form of communication can help you gain trust among your network while sharing important financial information.

In the blog section for Dorsey Wealth Management, one of their blogs is a podcast, which is similar to video and mixes things up so that not all of their blogs are the same.

Dorsey Wealth Management blog

You can embed videos into your blog posts to further show what you are talking about. If there is a lot of information that you need to discuss, sometimes it makes more sense to put it into a 2-minute video rather than to type it all out. It will be more memorable and is also will save your visitors time!


Blogging is such an important part of your advisor website. As mentioned before, it’s no longer something that you should do but rather something that you NEED to do.

It increases your SEO rankings and makes you much more desirable to search engines. It can increase traffic, and then if you share the content that you are creating on social media, it opens you up to a whole different network of people that you can connect with. If you aren’t seeing the results that you want, be sure to try out these 5 tactics. They’re sure to work for you!

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